Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 4 Pics!

Last picture with Elder Boxburger before he left for Peru! 
Awkward goodbye handshake! Gonna miss this Elder!!
One of my teachers Hermana Sherwood, she's the best!! 
Me and my sister Hermana Bledsoe, and 
YES I still love her! 
Awful picture but proof that I wasn't kidding! haha 
Me and Elder Frehner. He is so amazing! 
All the missionaries walking to the Temple
for our Sunday temple walk! 
Accidental but precious pic! 
Taking in the Sun! Sunday was the first day
we have had Semi warm weather in forever! 
A pose we learned from our Korean sisters
in our room! 
Me and Hermana Simonson, she's the best. She's one 
of the girls in my district and room. She graduated last
year and is the baby of the group! 
All my girls!! 
This is our room(in the process of being cleaned)haha
The two bunk beds behind the door are the Korean sisters
and then me and my companion sleep on the bottom bunks 
and the other two sisters from our district(the ones with us in 
the last picture)sleep on the top! mines the far back corner! 
Close up of my little corner, Love my blanky!!

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