Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/13 Pictures!

Pday at the museam!! 
Hno Ciro haha, he is my favorite. 
Pday, walking in the streets with the elkers! 
Ciros baptism! 

9/30/2013 Email!

From: Camille Weller <>
Date: Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 11:41 AM
Subject: 6 months down!!!! one year to go!
To: Melissa Wheatley <>

hola mi familia!!! Tuve una semana muy loca!! (:

okay first off monday my companion had to leave and go to Tacna to stay with a sister whose companion went to arequipa for medical stuff, She left with one of the other sisters who is in moquegua because she had to go to arequipa for medical reasons also so her companion ( hna Huamanchumo and i stayed together in moquegua! We worked in my area for a couple days and then were going to go to her area but decided that it would be better if we both found temperals to stay with us, she was awesome though, i loved working with her, we both have about the same time in the mission and i learned so much from her!  Thursday we had a zone conference with the president and the assistants. The talked about unity with our companions(kinda hard when i dont have a companion (:) and also about patience.. which i can always improve on (: one of the scriptures they used was romans 5:3 and i love it! go read it right now(:  After the conference we all had interviews and while i waited i talked with the assistants and they kept making jokes that ive spent way to much time in moquegua and that i need to get out of there. Its funny because no one wants to come here, but i dont want to leave (: After that i was with my temp all weekend, it was different because i had to do everything and had to teach all the lessons on my own but we made it work(: We still worked our butts off and had a good week! Saturday night we went to visit Ciro and plan his baptism for the next saturday, He told us that he wanted to do it sunday morning because his dad that lives in cuzco was only going to be there until tuesday.. this was at about 7 saturday night so after we left his house we had to run around and get everything ready for the baptism at 7 in the morning sundy before church! But it was soooo worth it! (: His mom and dad both were there, and a bunch of the young men and woman came too! The ward here is so great and so supportive! He got confirmed that day too and told me that he felt diferent and wants to try harder to be better. Him and all the young people here are always surprising me! It must be true that Heavenly father saved his chosen generation for this time! i know this is true especially when i think about my brother and cousins that are at home, preparing for missions and being examples to their friends! 

Sunday night at about 10 the zone leaders called me and told me that i needed to go with them to arequipa at 4 in the morning! Hna Huomanchumo had to go for a leadership meeting and that president said to bring me too so i didnt have to be in moquegua without another sister! so we got on a bus at 4 in the morning and here i am at the mission home! Were staying here until wednesday i think and im definately not going to complain(: I love spending time with the president and his wife, theyre both so awesome! The problem is the two sisters that are here for medical stuff have to stay for at least 15 more days for therapy soooooo the president is doing transfers and changes and im not really sure whats going to happen! Everythings kinda up in the air! Ohh yeah did i mention i passed the 6 month mark!! Whoooo one year left and so much work to do!! (: i am sad at how fast time is going by.. as much as i miss everyone at home i love this work and this gospel and cannot describe the happiness that comes from sharing this amazing gospel!! Do not ever let anything be more important than your obedience and relationship with our heavenly father! Pray always and remember that we can always ask for help! i know that heavenly father answers prayers and that he is always listening. Love you all!!! No olviden que dios nos ama y que somos hijos del rey!!! cuidense mucho!! 

Con muchisimo Amor,

Hermana Weller(:


9/23/13 PICS - Operartion Duck Slayer!

Aroom!! my little buddy that reminds me of
Eating the DUCK! 
Hna Diaz Birthday! 

Before operation duck!! 
During operation duck! 
After operation duck!! yikes!!

9/23/13 Email!

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 9:51 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: 6 months on friday!! (:


Holy cow!! time flies!! i cant believe its been 6 months... one more year to go(: and so much work to do!! This week was crazy i have so much to tell you all!!

First off i killed a duck.... i choppped its head off!! haha who am i ?? the first time they killed the ducks i cried!! and this time i did it hahaha it was quite the experience.. my moms going to kill me though(: dont worry mom the duck didnt suffer at all (: 

The baptism of Ciro fell through because his dad is going to come here the first week in october and he wants him to be there. at first we were upset but the more we thought about it its probably better! His whole family will be there and we hoping they will all feel the spirit and want to be baptized too(:

We had a really cool experience on monday. We were teaching in a store and the grandma of the hno that we were teaching came out and started yelling at us, we were waiting while the hno was helping a customer and a man came into the story, the gma asked him "and what religion are  you? this girls are teacing my grandson that there isnt a god and that he should believe in thier bible... etc" and to our surprise he started to defend us and told her that we were representatives of jesus christ and that we believe in god and the bible and that we have a prophet and all sorts of things, turns out that he is a member that has been inactive for years and years. It could have easily been someone of another religion, especially catholic, but it was him that walked in at that moment. I knew that heavenly father was watching out for us and that we are not doing this work alone, hes always here to help us. 

We had a bunch of events this week, Hna Diazs Bday, we went to lunch with the president and his wife because they were passing through, but it was just the four sisters and them, it was awesome! Our numbers or our work these past couple weeks has been killer!! All the elders always joke that they have to try to keep up with us. It feels good to be working hard and to be doing our best. Were not perfect but we are trying to be better(:

Sunday we talked in sacrament and the power was out.. haha so i had to talk super loud the whole time. AT the end of my talk i accidently hit the microphone and it made a noise, then in front of everyone i asked if it had been on the whole time and then we all laughed. Good times here in moquegua. I love it here. Its turning into summer here so its getting hotter but I seriously feel like this is my home. The most time that i can stay here i will take it! I love my mission, i cant wait to experience more and learn and grow in the next year. You all will never know how much your emails and letters mean to me! I hope that all of you are working hard to better your relationship with our Heavenly Father and to progress in the gospel, theres nothing better or more important!! I love you all!!!


Con mucho mucho amor!!!!!!!!

Hermana Weller( matadora(: patos..(:

9/16/13 PICS!

my new scripture covers! 
New skirts I bought here 
Still in Moquegua!! 
Peru's version of the one in california adventures
Front of new covers!

9/16/13 Email!

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2013 10:53 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley


Mi familia!!!! 

First off happy birthday Brad, Ava, Chris, Kimball!!!! (:

This week was awesome!!!! hna diaz is amazing, she is teaching me im not training her. haha She is from Chicalayo and turns 20 this thursday!! Her real mission is in Mexico, shes just waiting for her visa so she could leave me any day :( 

We worked our butts off this week and it felt awesome!! We have ciros baptism this saturday and others planned for the next week!! We met so many good people this week that im excited to work with. Saturday and sunday we had stake conference and got to listen to David A Bednar and Richard G Scott! they talked via satalite and it was amazing. we had 6 investigators who came and i know they felt the spirit!! Me and my companion always talk in spanish(because she doesnt know english) but ive seen a huge improvement in my spanish!! This weeks letter is going to be short but i want you all to know i love you and the work here in Moquegua is awesome!! keep the prayers coming(:

2 nephi 9:39

D&C 67:13

Love you all!!!


Con mucho amor y respeto!!!

Hermana Weller

9/9/13 Pictures

hna herrera and me!! 
David!! my little brother(: 
hna yomaira!! 
my companion and bff leaving me!! 

Yes I have one!! haha 
a dog with clothes!! 
New Jerseys!! 

notice my name!

9/9/13 email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, September 09, 2013 9:54 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: weekly email!!!


well my companion left me!! so i have another transfer here in moquegua!! but i am so happy about it!! i realized how much i love it here, the family, our penchenista and everything!! even though it gets hotter everyday.. ill deal with it because i love the people here!! (:

My new companion is Hna Diaz, Shes new in the mission and im going to finish her training... IM A MOM.. well half a mom.. like a step mom.. haha but its all the same(: im excited to get to work and to help more people here in moquegua!!

This past week was pretty chill... besides the days that we got yelled at by the mother in law (monster in law) of hna reina.. shes staying with them this month and everytime we even get close to her house she yells at us... so we usually wait until hna reina calls us and then we meet with her in the church!! She had to go to arequipa this last weekend so were hoping shell be baptized this week along with hno ciro!!!! but that also depends on his mom.. lots of prayers for those two!! (:

we met a family this week that is buenasimo!! they are so awesome.. they met with missionaries before and already had a book of mormon and everything!! I have no doubt that they will be baptized before i leave here!! They are so great!! you can now add LAMB to my list of wierd food ive eaten... i love it!! We had no idea who was going to leave or what was going to happen and we had to wait til 6 at night sunday to find out.. and then hna herrera went to arequipa this morning! 

Well i just love life right now. Im ready to keep working hard and to help hna diaz love her mission as much as i love it!!! i hope all is well at home!! i think when i first left i though that all of your lives would be on hold like mine.. but im finding out little by little that thats not true! but thats okay!! im so happy for all the good changes in your lives!! i pray for you all everyday and hope you are all working to better your relation with our heavenly father everyday!! 


se que estamos en la iglesia verdadera.. se que dios nos ama muchisimo y quiere que nosotros comunicarnos con el cada dia en cada momento. podemos pedir por ayuda en cual quier momento y el va a ayudarnos!! Estamos aqui en esta tiempo para ayudar otros personas y para demostrar nuestro amor por dios mediante nuestro obedencia. les quiero mucho!!!!! Exitos en todo aspecto de sus vidas!!!(:


Hermana Weller!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/3/13 Pics!!!


With the baby of the family we live with!!

A puppy I found...hna herrera said i couldnt keep it:(


Linos Baptism!!

Im legal!! kindof

9/3/2013 Email

forwarded message:

From: Camille Weller <>
Date: September 2, 2013, 10:57:25 AM MDT
To: Melissa Wheatley <>

So heres my week for you.... (:

monday we played soccer as a zone... i  thought i would have some fun and actually play soccer, and i actually killed, who knew i was actually good at soccer, must be all the time here in south america haha i also did some tubling, the only problem with all that is i couldnt walk for a good two days.... haha

tuesday.. 5 months!!!!!!!! And por fin(finally) we met some good people that we are excited to teach!! We taught hna Reina, one of our strong investigators who at first didnt want to be baptized without her husband but now decided to do it and to be an example for him!!! Then we met with Lino, our recent convert and he is just amazing.. he told us he wants a calling in the church and wants to help out with whatever he can, love it!! Then when we were contacting we ran into a girl we´ve been trying to meet with for a while but she always says shes busy and she told us she is going to come to church with one of her friends that invited her...SANDRA our other recent convert!! That is probably my favorite thing so far, watching these new members grow and share the gospel!! (:

wednesday was awesome, we had a ton of lessons and we met a cute little family, Ciro whose 14 and his mom Maria. Ciro wants to be baptized so bad!! We left the lesson in shock because we are actually finding golden people!! must be all the prayers coming from utah(:

Thursday we had weekly planning and then visited hna Reina again.. Shes amazing. haha then we pretty much got rejected.. hard.. the rest of the night, but the fight goes on(:

friday was a spiritual draining day... first we met with a girl who was very clear that she was catholic.. but we taught the restauration anyways and she ended up telling us that she knew it was all true but her family would basically disown her if she changed religion... i really hope we can help her and her family!! Then... we ate LIVER for lunch... yuck.. that i did not like. hahah

Saturday hna reina had her interview for her baptism and all went well so we are set for this next saturday!!!! The elders had a baptism and maria and ciro came and loved it!!

Sunday was such a good day, hna sandra(my first convert here)s husband came to church with her for the first time!!! which is a miracle!! Then maria and ciro came too, and also Hno Edson (hna sandras brother that was baptized) blessed the sacrament!! i was seriously in tears!! it is the best feeling to watch your converts grow and progress in the gospel!! The freaking zone leaders played a joke on us that i had a transfer to tacna and had to leave in an hour.. they had us going for a good ten minutes.. freaking elders.. haha i realized how much im going to miss moquegua and hermana herrera!!! i hope that nothing changes this next week but we´ll see!!! also while we were outside on our deck three harleys drove by playing the same music that grandpa always plays... i started crying and had to explain to my companion why haha

i miss you all so much and hope all of you are happy!! you are always in my preayers and i can feel your prayers too!!!


i know this church is true and love sharing it!!!!!!


Hermana Weller!!! (:

8/26/13 Pictures!!!

Had a sweet of him!! 
I love PERU:) 
Tammys future cake shoppe!!

8/26/13 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 9:55 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: Familiaaaaaa(:


Another week in Peru!! Tomorrow is my 5 month mark... mas loco!! i cant believe that.. i am seriously in love with peru and my mission!!! i learned so much this week and want to share a small portion of it with you(: First off with most of our investigators their excuse is work.. or school .. or other reasons why they dont have time to listen or to come to church.. my favorite question to ask them is, In what place is God in your life?? third... fourth.. and with the things that are ahead of him... who can help you have more success in those things.. in your job, in your studies, in your family.. When we put God in first place in our lives we will recieve more blessings in the other parts of our lives, i know that is true and love asking myself that every morning!! Next, this week i learned a big lesson about the atonement... we can believe in the atonement.. go through all the steps of the repentence process and still not be completely done... for the atonement to be complete we have to forgive ourselves and move on. If we dont the whole thing is useless, take care of what needs to be taken care of, promise to never do it again and forget about it, let it go!(:

I cant begin to explain how much i love this experience.. and how much i learn everyday. Here in peru is starting to feel like my real world..and home feels like a dream.. This is my new life and well... i love it!!(; 


Our area is realllllly hard right now, we had a baptism this week which pretty much was the end of our investigator pool... we talk to so many people and do our best to find new people to teach but it just doesnt seem to be working. BUT we dont ever let it get us down. In the conference we had this week we learned that numbers or baptisms dont define a succesful missionary.. the only way to define it is at the end of the day, if you feel like you did your all, you tried your hardest.. then it was a successful day! i know there are people here in Moquegua that are ready for us.. we just have to be patient and go out and find them(: but prayers for our area would be greatly appreciated!! The power of prayer is incredible!!!! Even from a different country(:


Tuesday we had a really cool thing happen, we were in a lesson with a lady who was very knowledged of the bible and we were talking about how the gospel will be preached in the spirit world.. she did not agree and so we tried over and over to explain the concept to her.. finally she said show me! show me in the bible where it says that.... me and my companion looked at eachother and both could not think of a scripture to save our lives... she opened her bible to start to look and BAM there was the scripture that we were both thinking of! There are so many cool things like this that happen in the mission but this is just one example of how we are never alone as missionaries,  that the spirit will always help us! (:


Wednesday we had a conference in ilo and now i understand why everyone wants to go to that area... its like a scene from a movie!! its a beach and no matter where you are in the city you can see the coast! its amazing!! The conference was amazing and we all came back refreshed and ready to work hard!! The president and his wife seem to be adjusting! i met a new sister from washington that has been here for a month... and realized how far my spanish has come! haha poor girl, those first couple weeks are rough! but there is hope, it gets a million times better!!(:


Friday we had the baptism of Hno Lino!!! HE is amazing!!!!! We have been teaching him forrrreevveerrrr and finally a couple weeks ago he said.. i want to be baptized.. what do i need to do?? before that he hadnt been to church or anything but after that day he came to church and then por fin he was baptized!! He is such a good example of humility and seriously when we were listening to his testimony both my companion and me were thinking that he will be a leader in the church one day!!


Sunday we didnt have any investigators at church but all of our converts but one were at church so we were happy (: also we sang a special musical number that night at a stake primary meeting..... there must be a thing called the "gift of music" in the mission. or maybe i still suck. who knows haha


Anyways i hope all is well at home and that everyone is loving school and all the fun it brings!!! i miss you all so much and hope that you are all happy!!! Your always in my prayers!! 

P.S hows the book of mormon reading coming?? (:


Con Muchisimo AMOR(:

Hermana Weller!

8/12/13 Pictures!

trunky magazine at the dentist! 

8/12/13 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 10:55 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: Week of randomness!!!


well i dont have a ton to tell you all about this week! we had a pretty slow week, but we are going to try harder this week!!! so today im just going to tell you all about some random things(:

first off cough drops here are sold as candy... haha HALLs are sold like hard candies, pretty funny!!

i finished the book of mormon and once again i know that that book is true!! so my challenge is that we can all read it together, again. i started reading it agian but im reading it in spanish this time.. if i can read it in a different language you all can read it in english(:

We have an investigator who has the cutest 2 lilttle girls, when we went to leave a lesson i went to say goodbye to one of them and she acted scared of me! the mom told me that she thinks im a barbie, thats why she always touches my cheeks and plays with my hair! haha pretty funny(:

At church yesterday we got asked to help teach the young womans class.... the topic.... eternal marraige.... hahaha trunky!!! then i talked in sacrament and then we sang a musical number... yes once again i sang in sacrament.. who am i?? and yes, poor ward.. haha

well thats all i have for you this week. pray that we can find people to teach... normal people for that matter(; Also my amazing companion says hello!!! Shes great by the way.. if we werent so funny together i dont know if we would have made it through this week. haha i am very blesssed and glad to be here and to do this work. All i can do is keep going and pray(; love you all!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Weller(killer) (further explination later) (: