Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 2 Email!

First off thank you so much for everything you guys have sent me and for all the letters, you guys rock, i feel so blessed to have you as my support group! keep the letters comin and ill try to do the same! I am going to try to only write on mondays though so if you dont get a letter back from me dont fret, just wait til after monday, just trying to be obedient and stuff(:
So ill just take you through my last week....
Tuesday we had a devotional from brother Ringwood and his wife that was amazing!! It was all about enduring to the end and how the most important work we will do will be in our homes, most people think that relates to our families at home while we are on missions but he said there is an equal and just as important meaning to that. What we learn here on our missions will help us to have the strongest families and homes. The most important work we will do is when we are parents, with our own children. I loved that! They talked about how symbolic it was that Nephi went back for the plates.. and then went back for a wife. We should always put the lord first. They also talked about how amazing it is that people all over the world pray for the missionaries and how there will never be a time when you are prayed for more than as a missionary. And that whenever we feel like we can't do it or are having a hard time to think of our families praying for us... i love doing that and you guys have no idea how much i can feel your prayers. After the devotional we met as a district and shared what we learned, it was so amazing. everyone was crying. I decided something that night.. My children can not afford to have me waiver AT ALL in my testimony. I want to do all i can to have the strongest testimony i can. what better way to do that than to serve a mission(:
Wednesday was fun because all the newbies came and so we felt like we were old and had been here forever even though it was only a week. haha I decided that the MTC is like a roller coster everyday. you have highs and you have lows. but the highs always outweigh the lows! I have never had to push myself so much than i have had to here and i love it. I already know i have grown so much and also know i have so much more to learn. We've been teaching a pretend investigator and it has been an amazing experiene. Its crazy to me how much you can love someone you dont even know. And also how easy the language comes when you have the spirit with you, guess the gift of tongues is real after all(:
Thursday was just the same as any other day which consists of waking up at 6;30(yaayyyy(: haha) going to the gym and showering, breakfast, class, lunch, class, dinner, class, and mail at 9:30 then we relax and get ready for bed, quiet time at 10:15 and lights out at 10:30. The worst part is waiting to read letters until nine thirty.. its awful! and we dont get mail on saturdays or sundays so we have to wait til mondays.... so sad :( some funny stuff we do is sing all the time in the shower, its my favorite! we all get the wierdest songs stuck in our heads so thats how we get them out and you all know how good my singing is so im sure you can imagine(: So most of what we do is sit and eat.. but hey what do you do. haha
Friday.. man that day was rough, our teacher laid it on us that day. He said that if we didnt have an eye single to the glory of god that our missions would be misserable and that everything we do should be focused on that.. it was intense to say the least but i think we all needed to hear it. Its funny to walk around and realize how companions were meant for eachother. haha Its great. I love my companion, we are always laughing and joking around but we also can talk about anything and everything and be spiritual. I love her and my district, theyre my new familia and i feel blessed to be with them. So funny story we were all complaining that we never get pizza for lunch or dinner and then that night all they served was pizza.. it was so funny. once again.. the church is true(: The food is good, were all still kind of adjusting but pretty much the best thing is ice cream. i probably eat to much but whatev(: I tried to eat healthy this week after being sick but a hermana can only handle so many wraps and salads in one week(;
Saturday and Sunday were so nice, we got to do whatever we wanted all day because it was conference and we were all in heaven! As i was sitting in conference with thousands of other missionaries i realized what an amazing oportunity it is to be here, with all of these amazing people who have all also left behind their friends and families, what an amazing experience to be with all of them.
Here are some of my conference highlights:
65,634 missionaries out right now, 20,000 with calls, 6,000 in the interviewing process..... how amazing is that! what an army satan has to contend with!! (:
"council with the lord in all thy doings and he will guide you."
'the savior wants to forgive you." -give him the opportunity to do so!
"Simple good habbits lead to Bountiful Blessings."
"stay on the lords side and you will win every time"
"There is a time and a season to all things, he will direct us in each phase of our life, one constitant step at a time. "
"CATCH THE WAVE" this one is my favorite, catch the wave of missionary work, missionaries are needed everywhere! although i get to wear a name tag on my shirt, put a name tag on your heart (:
"Disconnect with technology and reconnect with eachother!"
"THe gift of marraige is gods gift to us, our gift to him is the quality of our marraige."
"When facing the challenge of faith... hold the ground you have already won. Hold fast to what you already know and hold fast until you gain what you are looking for. "
"It takes 2 to contend, never be one of them." -LOVE THAT.
Sunday night we had a devotional from "Vocal Point" an accapella singing group from BYU. and it was absolutely amazing. the first song they sang was come thou fount... haha i was crying the whole time. you guys should go watch them on youtube or something! Theyre amazing!
One more thing from the amazing book tammy sent me, "let the lord use you without consulting you." love that.
So overall life is great here at the MTC i still struggle and i think i always will but the good always outwieghs the bad! I can feel your prayers and i hope you can feel mine(: I love you guys and feel so blessed to call you my family and friends. No word on the visa yet but i will let you know as soon as i hear anything!
yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo es verdadero y yo se que jesucristo es el salvador de el mundo. en el nombre de jesucristo, amen.
Hasta la vista!
-Hermana Weller <3 

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