Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 5 Email!



Did you miss me??(: My p-day got switched to wednesday this week. Im still in provo and will either be leaving for Peru next week or will be re-asigned. If i do get re-asigned i will find out tomorrow night and hopefully get to call my momma and let you know where ill be going!  I cant believe i will be teaching real investigators next week! These weeks here in the MTC have flown by! I am surprised at how much i love it here and am sad to leave, especially to leave my companion and my district. We have all gotten so close since we've been here. I'm starting to think the whole reason they send us on missions is to teach us how to say goodbye to people. haha Here's some of the most important parts of my days in the last week.

Tuesday: We read D&C 6 together as a district for like 2 hours it was so amazing how in depth you can get into the scriptures if you take the time and think about each verse. In verse 8 it says something like" if you desire, you shall be the means of doing much good in this generation." I just kept thinking about how important it is for us as missionaries to want to be here and to want to serve God. It gives me a new incentive to try harder to really love the work im doing. We had a devotional from David F Evans of the seventy that night and here are some of my notes.

- God needs you to be a participator and a facilitator not a distractor.

-Leave all feelings of ME at the door, be here for the Lord and his work!

-I will do whatever the lord asks me to do wherever he needs me to do it.

-Alma 26:11-12 I do not boast in my own strength or in my own wisdom, i know that i am nothing...But i will boast of my God.

-Grow in your willingness to YEILD your will to Gods.

-Incomprehensible joy awaits you if you yeild to him.

-Do not only recieve forgiveness but strive to RETAIN forgiveness that he has already given you.

Wednesday: I talked to a teacher who told us that Peruvians talk slower and also more clear compared to most of south america so that was a good sign! we got to go out and use the feild and play kickball that day and it was so nice to have a break and just let lose outside!

Thursday: We got a new district in our zone, and our district is now the oldest in our zone! The newbies are all so cute, i love it! it made us all remember our first week and how hard it was so we try to help them in any way we can but it almost seems like their excitement to be here and dedication has made us stronger! I memorized the first vision in spanish and the first time i receited it out loud i couldnt help but start to cry. That moment in our Churches history is HUGE and is so amazing to think about! It just made my testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration ten times stronger!

Friday: I was super frusterated with the language and just didnt feel like i was making any progress friday and saturday, it was frusterating but i know that sometimes the Lord needs to humble us so that he can build us up..(wait for sunday:)) I talked to a girl who had lived in Arequipa for a year and she gave me some good information, she said to bargan with the people there for everything because they know americans have money haha and that i will love it, the people there are all so nice and they have really cool markets on the streets!(which i know i will love:))

Saturday: Not anything super exciting happened this day except we had a girls night and ate a lot of junk food. i dont dare weigh myself because i know i've gained a couple pounds(:

Sunday: Relief Society was awesome we had Sister Oscarson the new YW general president talk to us. She was amazing and talked alot about how important it is to be patient and loving just like our heavenly father is to us. She talked about Jacob 5 and the symbolism in that chapter, i invite all of you to read it and see what you can get from that parable(: Then in sacrament our branch president tells us the two missionaries who have to give talks on a certain subject right before they have to get up, so everyone has to prepare a talk IN SPANISH  and this week it was on baptism which is kind of a hard subject to talk about! I did not prepare a good talk at all because i figured i wouldnt be the one talking but guess what... i was. haha And it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences ive had here. I did not have confidence in my spanish at all but when i got up there i forgot i was speaking a different language. the words just came to me and i didnt even read what i had written down. I could feel my Heavenly Father helping me and the gift of tongues working. It was sooooo cool. Then i sang in a musical number with all the hermanas.... yes i sang.. infront of people.. hahahah mom i know you'll like that part(; As musical director i felt obligated, even though i was with like 6 other hermanas it was still out of my comfort zone and i feel like a lot of my mission will feel like that and will help me to grow! That night i asked one of the elders to give me a blessing.. Elder McFherson, he hadnt ever given one and i could tell he was really nervous. It ended up being such a powerful and beautiful blessing. It was simple and exactly what i needed to hear. I've learned not to be afraid to ask for blessings. Heavenly father is always more than willing to give us the help we need.

Monday:  Our district struggled this day because it was supposed to be our pday haha Then we got a huge talk on flirting because i guess its gotten to be a bit of a problem in the MTC since all the sisters have gotten here, All the sisters think its funny because all the elders seem like their 12 but it was a good reminder to keep our heads and hearts in the right place. We got to watch some Polynesian Elders have a littlegoodbye ceremony and they did the Haka that thing where they yell and get all crazy on ya, you would think that that would totaly drive the spirit away but it was so strong we were all crying. It is soo cool to see the different cultures and how much people love their culture. It makes me excited to get involved in the Peruvian culture!

Tuesday:  We had a devotional from Alan F Packer on family history and the importance of family, he talked about how everyone in the world is our brothers and sisters and it put a whole new perspective on missionary work for me. The people i will teach are my family and i need to love them just as much as i do my physical family. One of my favorite things he said was " You can do this. You are a chosen generation and you have been saved for these days. Do not let him down. " very powerful sentence! He also said "you will be responsibel for thousands of people coming unto salvation. Even if you bring one sould unto Christ the effects of that person are innumberal. "


 The investigators we've taught this week have been a little tougher on us. We have a woman investigator who told us no to baptism and it was really hard to not get diapointed with a pretend investigator! I cant imagine how hard it will be when people i care about and love dont want to follow the gospel but i know that God has a plan for all of his children and maybe sometimes just the seed needs to be planted. My spanish has come a long way and even though im not 100%confident with it i know that God will help me with what i need to say when i need to say it. I know that this church is true. I would not be here if i didnt know that. I know that my Saviour lives and has done so much to help us in our lives. One more quote or more of a thought is that when you pray for forgiveness be specific with what you ask forgiveness for. It helps us to be more accountable and also for heavenly father to help us with those specific things. Dont wait to ask for forgiveness, i have learned that our heavenly father is quick to forgive if we turn to him as soon as we know we did something wrong. He loves us and wants to help us. Dont be afraid to talk to him about anything because he ALREADY knows what your thinking and feeling, but you need to tell him and ask him for help.


I love you guys and am so greatful to have you as my support team! Thank you for all the things you send me! Im too spoiled out here! I love hearing how your lives are going and i will try to write some letters today if i get time! I am sorry i cant write you guys more but obedience has become so important to me and im trying to do my best! i miss you all! keep me updated on your lives and let me know if there is anything i can help anyone with!

The church is true! Hopefully the next time i write you i will be in Peru! <3


Con Amor,

Hermana Weller.


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