Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 4 Pics!

Last picture with Elder Boxburger before he left for Peru! 
Awkward goodbye handshake! Gonna miss this Elder!!
One of my teachers Hermana Sherwood, she's the best!! 
Me and my sister Hermana Bledsoe, and 
YES I still love her! 
Awful picture but proof that I wasn't kidding! haha 
Me and Elder Frehner. He is so amazing! 
All the missionaries walking to the Temple
for our Sunday temple walk! 
Accidental but precious pic! 
Taking in the Sun! Sunday was the first day
we have had Semi warm weather in forever! 
A pose we learned from our Korean sisters
in our room! 
Me and Hermana Simonson, she's the best. She's one 
of the girls in my district and room. She graduated last
year and is the baby of the group! 
All my girls!! 
This is our room(in the process of being cleaned)haha
The two bunk beds behind the door are the Korean sisters
and then me and my companion sleep on the bottom bunks 
and the other two sisters from our district(the ones with us in 
the last picture)sleep on the top! mines the far back corner! 
Close up of my little corner, Love my blanky!!

Week 4 Email part 2

 Notes from elder Scott's talk:

"Every good thing in my life came because I served a mission." (So did Jenine!)

" I can assure you you will never regret the service you will give."

"To reach a goal never before attained, one must do things one has never done... the Lord will help you through your faith."

"He [Heavenly Father] doesn't care if your feelings are clumsily expressed, He is your loving Heavenly Father and you are precious to Him."

"Kneel and pray and talk to your Father in Heaven... Let Him know your honest and sincere feelings."

He told us there are three kinds of answers:
1) Peace, comfort, assurance
2) Unsettling feeling, stupor of thought
3) No answer-- To have us grow through exercising faith in Him. We are not passively waiting, but acting in accordance with His teachings. The Spirit will alert you if it is a wrong choice. This is a blessing because He trusts us.  Waiting for an answer increases our character and faith.

"Answers seldom come during a prayer, but during quiet moments of pondering and meditation.  Find time to be still."

"Challenges stretch us and allow us to grow. Don't complain. Ask the Lord what you're supposed to learn."

"I know Jesus Christ lives because I know Him."

"The Lord has called you to succeed, not to fail... Remember, you have been called."

...and my favorite...

"This is an opportunity for you to discover a capacity you never knew."

This week...
Words of Wisdom de Elder Boxberger:


When we were talking about music: "It helps me to say that I miss my music but- and 'but' excludes it- I have made a commitment to keep my eye single to the work."

"If you don't have a plan, what else have you got?"

...and my favorite:
"Never stop living the Gospel... LIVE IT UP."

Week 4 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 2:14 PM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: Mi familia es mejor!! (:

Man i miss you guys!! But i seriously love it here now!! It's starting to feel like home and my love for this gospel and this work grows deeper every day! I don't have a ton of stuff to tell you this week but i'll do my best! I'm hoping i'll get my visa this week but if not that's okay! we had an elder from our district get his last Wednesday so there still coming, slowly but surely! (:
First off on Tuesday Richard G Scott Spoke to us at the devotional!!! isn't that awesome??? It was such an amazing talk to, he talked a lot about how his wife had served a mission and how much serving a mission as a sister will bless our families and husbands. he talked about how each of us should have an interview with God each night and go over what we did good that day and what we need to work on, i really liked that idea. The rest was mostly about prayer and how important it is for us to talk to our heavenly father. He told us to read D&C 6,8,and 9. You guys should read them as well, they're all great. (: one of my favorite things he said was "Instead of asking for what you want, seek what he wants for you and for the strength to be able to do it." At the end of his talk he gave us all an apostalic blessing that we would have success with the language and that this would be a rich and rewarding journey for all of us. Then after he was done and we sang the closing song he stood back up and said he needed to say one more thing. he said that the lord called us to succeed  not to fail. YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED. It must have been important for him to say that to us for him to get back up, and i think its something as missionaries we need to be reminded of. The MTC is challenging everyday. Especially the language. I have learned so much since I've been here but i know there is still so much more to learn and that sometimes gets over whelming. But i also know that with the help and strength from my heavenly father i can do anything, and so can all of you(: I hope that all for you take the time each night to have a personal interview with your loving and forgiving heavenly father. He loves you and always wants to help you. Talk to him, tell him the deepest feelings of your heart and your desires and he will listen and guide you.
Also on Tuesday i got a calling... mom your going to laugh at this one.... your talking to the newest music coordinator . hahaha Que el el mundo! that means  what in the world(; I got to plan the music for Sundays sacrament and its actually easier than i thought it would be, all i have to do is ask people to do things, I thought i would have to sing or something but luckily for my zone i dont have to(;
Wednesday Elder boxburger got his visa and left thursday morning, we all cried Wednesday night, even the elders, it was hard. It gets harder every day were here to imagine saying goodbye to our district, we spend more than 10 hours a day together learning and growing and we've all gotten so close. But we all are also excited to get to work so it'll be alright(:
Wednesday i talked with one of my teachers on how to improve my studying and we somehow got on the subject of are you willing to do whatever the lord asks of you, its an interesting thing to think about, Are you truly willing to do ANYTHING if the lord asked you? Good question to think about and always keep in the back of your mind.
Thursday i got Tammy and Yvonne's packages! thank you guys so much! and Tammy you;ll have to tell everyone the talks you sent me so they can read them! they are so good! and Yvonne if you can remember the weathers candy things  you sent me those things were the BOMB! my whole district ate all of them in t-minus two seconds. haha And mom thanks for the cinnamon rolls those were also gone in a blink, my district just loves my family(: Me and my companion got asked to do a demonstration in class with our teacher and we taught a lesson in Spanish  it was scary to have everyone watching but we totally rocked it! and had the coolest thing happen, the "investigator" asked a question and i had the perfect thing to say in my head but then hna bledsoe started talking and at first i was impatient because i wanted to say what i was thinking but then she said exactly what i was going to say! it was so cool, and such a testimony builder of how companions can be unified!
Friday we had potato soup for lunch,  which you all know is my favorite, so that day was automatically a good one(: I also read a talk that day from Jeffry R Holland called "laborers in the vineyard." everyone should go read it is sooooo good! One of the things i don't think I've told you about is how every time we have gym during the day our district plays volley ball together, its soo fun, and its the only time i feel like i get to relax and just have fun, even though we cant keep score or get too competitive  you all know i keep count in my head(;
Saturday was Elder Frehners birthday so we all snuck fruit out of the cafeteria for him and signed a shirt that says mtc on it, the fruit was the best part because healthy food is hard to come by around here. haha
Sunday i had a lot of meetings as music coordinator(; Just kidding, we only had one but it was so good, they talked about how as leaders we aren't supposed to feel like we have power or authority over anyone, but should feel a constant desire to serve the people we are over and help them with whatever they need. In R.S we sang "as sisters in Zion   and i lost it. haha i was crying the whole time. It just gets me every time were together with all the sister missionaries and how strong the spirit is. woman are going to take over the missionary world I'm telling ya (: Sunday night the BYU mens chorus came and sang and its amazing how powerful the spirit is through music. We aren't allowed to listen to music at the mtc so when we do get to hear it its always so powerful. I cant wait til i can listen to music every morning, its such a blessing and helps bring the spirit! you guys should go listen to their new cd for missionaries, we got to hear some songs off of it and they are sooo good!

As far as the sleeping goes i usually sleep way good at night, and i haven't had trouble getting up at 6:30 once so you guys know that miracles can happen if you trust in the lord(; Also i gained like 2 pounds this last week so it looks like ill be eating more wraps and salads, unless the weight is all muscle, which is highly unlikely(; I really feel ready to take on this week with more energy and purpose. On Wednesday i will be done with the first month of 18. And it flew by. I know i could be trying harder so that's what i;m going to do(: I feel your guys prayers everyday and i hope you feel mine. I have the best support team there is and i am so thankful for all that you guys do for me and for the love and support i feel, all i ask is that all of you try to become closer to your heavenly father, use the atonement everyday and look to the lord in all that you do.I love you all so much!!! Please don't think i don't love you if you don't hear from me, just write me and say hey... write me a letter, and i will(: I'm doing my best to focus and give the lord my all so just know that i think about all of you daily and i love you sooo much!! Keep up the good work at home and ill keep up the work out here! (:

-Hermana Weller <3

PS . a couple more things i thought of if you have time or any of my aunts, some pictures of gospel scenes like the first vision or ones from Jesus’ life or things like that that i could use to help teach. maybe have Yvonne laminate them or something, just an idea. also headbands and treats i can suck on haha ones that are sneaky for class(:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 3 Pics!

Some of the Elders swag sittin 
Swag sittin. Class gets interesting sometime. Haha 
Haha..So sometimes we get as many of the same pamphlets
in different languages and make fun of the fact that they pose 
different people in the same pose...oops! 
This is the kind of stuff I have to deal with here...
haha seriously what are the odds?? 
Stickers are our favorites!
Don't do Drugs!! 
Love these beautiful women! 
Me and Hermana Price before she left!! 
Check out this cute vaccum face!

HSI or in English SYL which stands for Speak your
language. The rules I live by! 
This ones for you Mom, here's the bathroom sinks, 
There one of these set ups on both sides of the showers
and there's two separate ones on each floor, plenty of room! 
Showers! and no those curtains never cover nearly
enough of the opening..haha 
You know me...doing my daily pull ups! 
Check out my sweet Peru shirt!
You can order these here for whatever mission you 
are going to, pretty sweet huh? 
So here's what you get when you buy Swedish fish at
the MTC...three in one..makes sense right??? 
Haha..this is one my companion got of me eating 
Ice Cream...YUM!! 
The latest district Picture! 
All of the Sisters!! 
Funny Pic from last week! 
Me and Hermana Norton! She was our new companion
but now that Hermana Price left too the left over
companions got put together! 
All of the boys in our district, I think I'm just boy deprived
but they keep getting cuter and cuter to me! Haha, btw there's
not a ton of things to take pictures of anymore but I try! Once
I get to Peru I think it will be easier to find Photo Opportunities!'

Week 3 Email!!!

Hola me familia!! Oh man i just love you all so much!! Thank you for everything you guys send me and for all of your letters of encouragement!! Also for your prayers, you don't know how much i can feel them and am thankful for them! You guys rock!! I am so blessed!!

So here's the past week for ya (:
Monday: P-day went to the temple and got to see a man and woman taking out their endowments together, it was such a precious site and the spirit was so strong. We did lame stuff like laundry and then that night got to teach our "investigator" Fabian. After we taught him(he's actually our teacher) he talked to me and my companion and told us that we have such a strong quality of listening and that the little language barrier we had wouldn't matter because he could feel how much we sincerely cared about him and that if we kept up those habits of listening we would be amazing missionaries. It was amazing to  be told that because as you all know I'm usually pretty selfish when it comes to the whole talking/listening thing. haha I hope that i can be a good listener and continue to feel this love and care i do for the rest of my investigators.
Tuesday: It snowed. We were all so mad because we thought we would have warm weather but oh well(: So crazy story Hermana Harmon had packed her suitcases and weighed them and everything on Pday(monday) because she just felt like she needed to and then Tuesday night she got her visa and found out she was leaving Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. Crazy right?? So luckily she was already pretty much ready to go! That night we had an awesome devotional from Gerald N Lund on revelation. I guess he's kind of well known for his books(: anyways it was really cool he talked about how important revelation is but that sometimes Satan can make us feel like we are getting revelation or sometimes we have "hormonal revelation" haha it was great. His advice was to always listen for promptings but also always think them through and make sure its the best option.
Wednesday: since hermana Harmon left we adopted Hermana Norton into our companionship so we had a trio(: She is amazing. shes from Ohio and is just so positive and also very obedient which is nice. The new missionaries came this day and so we sat outside and welcomed them and tried to give the best advice we could which was "get out while you can" haha I'm just kidding we just told them to keep pushing and eventually you'll learn to love it here like we do(: We got a new investigator Elliana who is actually our other teacher but we got to start teacher her, so now we have two investigators, i cant imagine what it will be like when were juggling more than 5 or 10 investigators at once, madness. Anyways i wrote down Alma 32 and wanted to encourage you guys to read it and relate it to faith like i did, but also to families and how that can also be a metaphor of eternal families, let me know what you think(: Also i handed out all the  sugar cookies you sent me mom and everyone loved them, i seriously only at a half of one because i couldn't stop handing them out and seeing how happy people were at 9:30 at night to get a sugar cookie, it was great(:
Thursday: We had TRC which is where they have members come in and you teach them short lessons in spanish. It was way cool i loved the spirit that was there! Also i got a nice package from JaNae Southwick and the ward! it was great to hear from everyone thanks for thinking of me!  Me and one of the elders tried to go on a all cereal diet this day and totally failed. It lasted halfway through one meal before we realized how hungry we still were. haha the things we come up with to keep it interesting here are great. We had a sister missionary meeting and were told to read these two talks and i invite you guys to also go read them because they are amazing. "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" - Kevin W Pearson May 09 and "Its better to look up" -Carl B Cook Nov 11.
Friday: I had cream of wheat that morning and it made me miss my Momma, but it was ohhh so good (: we had a talk about stress and it really helped us to learn how to cope with the stress of the MTC. Me and my companions were joking that its weird to see girls knees around here and how every time you do it surprises you. haha I'm becoming a molly Mormon.... its happening. But i love it (: Another one of the sisters in my district got her visa and she left Monday today)  Hermana price, she was the best, we were always the ones who were crying in devotionals and stuff together, I'm going to miss her but i know she'll be an amazing missionary  So pretty much any of our visas could come any day. When i do get mine they let us call and tell our family but we only have five minutes so keep your phone on you mom(: as for the airport phone ill have to ask the office about the pay by the minute thing other wise ill put up a good fight for the phone(:
Saturday: I was really amazed at how much Spanish we have learned, i can legitimately talk to someone and understand what they're saying, basic conversations of course but still... the gift of tongues is real and i know i have my heavenly fathers help. we watched a talk called " his grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox, go watch it it is the BOMB. seriously i am in love with that talk.
Sunday: We had relief society first and Mary Edmunds came and talked to us. First off it was so cool to be sitting in a huge auditorium full of sister missionaries who have all sacrificed so much to be here. The spirit was so strong especially when she was talking. We were all laughing and crying it was great. She told a cool story that i want to share. She held up a huge stack of papers and said they were her mission journal. She talked about how home sick she was and how badly she wanted to go home for the longest time. She held up a very small portion of the stack and said that is what she would of had if she had given up and went home. Then she held up the rest of the papers, the remaining and much larger stack and started to cry.. She said she could not believe she almost gave up all of those experiences and amazing people and all of the love that she has for them because she was home sick.. as you can probably guess that part hit me pretty hard. I can already feel so much love for the people in Peru and my desire to serve and to be here has grown SO much i cant even explain it to you. I love love love it here and i am so excited to get out there and spread this wonderful gospel. We had a devotional from Greg Drouby who is a head honcho for the advertisement and media of the church he told us about all the advertisement they're doing in the UK because the play 'book of Mormon  is there, you'll have to go look it up its pretty awesome!  

I've learned a lot in the short time I've been here and one of the things i've learned is GET OVER YOURSELF. My mission is not about me or about how i feel. Its about yielding my heart to the lord and being his servant and tool to help bring others the happiness i already have. I've also learned that you have to work to have the spirit in your life and to be worthy to have the gift of the spirit. I can not imagine not being here and not being able and blessed to have this opportunity. I think about you guys all the time and hope everyone is doing well, i pray for you and hope you all strive to do better and try harder to serve our heavenly father everyday(: one of my favorite things to do here when i get the chance to use a computer is to get on and watch peoples stories and feel love for them, cheesy i know but its awesome to see how different we all are but how alike we are in the aspect of our religion and our beliefs. I love you all and hope you all have an amazing week!
Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es Verdadero. En el nombre de jesucristo Amen. ( ill write more in Spanish next week but I don't have enough time today! (: )

Love always. Hermana Weller. <3  
p.s this Wednesday there is going to be 6 more sister missionaries coming in then elders, awesome right??? also mom.. the bathrooms are all shared by everyone on the floor and there is like 12 showers and two different bathrooms so 24 showers on the floor, i haven't had to wait for one yet so the bathroom sich is just fine(: Ill send you pictures in a bit(:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quotes from my district!


"My folks, my blokes, my artichokes." (In a Scottish accent)
-Elder Boxberger

"I LOVE machetes!"
-Hermana Simonsen

"...So he's tall and flakey?" (flacco)
- Boxy

"You eat like, a family of chickens at every meal Boxberger!"
- Elder Bowler

"To me, that's like putting kerosene on a fire... it's like saying, 'I'm angry' and then going and listening to Linkin Park."
-Elder Boxberger

"Brother Halsey is running around all sexy-like"
-Elder Frehner

"I haven't heard that much nasalization since the last Bob Dylan song I listened to."
- Boxy

"You would like my bed."
- Elder Frehner

"Never stop living the gospel... LIVE IT UP."
- Elder Boxburger

hahahha most of them you just have to know whose saying it but oh well, you may find them funny anyhow(:
love you!!

Week 2 Pics

Got our names put on all our books!! 
This is what they give you when you have a package!
Happy Day!! 
After crying at the devotional, love me companera! 
We love Peru! 
We won't be far away at all! 
My goodies corner!! Thank you guys so much for
the Packages!! 
Me and my baby fabaaaa:Ryan, he says he misses you! 
The closest we get to men... 
All excited for conference on Saturday! 
All of the girls ready for Conference! 
Found some Ducks...that's about as exciting as it
gets around here! 
Some of our district at conference! 
I love Joseph Smith...haha 
again...closest we get to men around here...
On our way to the temple or as we call it,
breaking out of the prison 
Love it when I come across her, she is the BEST!! 
All the girls from my district 
I love mi companera! Isn't she so pretty! 
love, love, love!! 
Rainy days are my favorite!! Ask Ryan why? 
At the Temple again, We love going there! 
It is HEAVEN when we get to wear jeans...I love Pdays! 
Sending some letters! Keep em comin:) 
Once nice to be able to stretch them legs out...haha