Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 4 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 2:14 PM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: Mi familia es mejor!! (:

Man i miss you guys!! But i seriously love it here now!! It's starting to feel like home and my love for this gospel and this work grows deeper every day! I don't have a ton of stuff to tell you this week but i'll do my best! I'm hoping i'll get my visa this week but if not that's okay! we had an elder from our district get his last Wednesday so there still coming, slowly but surely! (:
First off on Tuesday Richard G Scott Spoke to us at the devotional!!! isn't that awesome??? It was such an amazing talk to, he talked a lot about how his wife had served a mission and how much serving a mission as a sister will bless our families and husbands. he talked about how each of us should have an interview with God each night and go over what we did good that day and what we need to work on, i really liked that idea. The rest was mostly about prayer and how important it is for us to talk to our heavenly father. He told us to read D&C 6,8,and 9. You guys should read them as well, they're all great. (: one of my favorite things he said was "Instead of asking for what you want, seek what he wants for you and for the strength to be able to do it." At the end of his talk he gave us all an apostalic blessing that we would have success with the language and that this would be a rich and rewarding journey for all of us. Then after he was done and we sang the closing song he stood back up and said he needed to say one more thing. he said that the lord called us to succeed  not to fail. YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED. It must have been important for him to say that to us for him to get back up, and i think its something as missionaries we need to be reminded of. The MTC is challenging everyday. Especially the language. I have learned so much since I've been here but i know there is still so much more to learn and that sometimes gets over whelming. But i also know that with the help and strength from my heavenly father i can do anything, and so can all of you(: I hope that all for you take the time each night to have a personal interview with your loving and forgiving heavenly father. He loves you and always wants to help you. Talk to him, tell him the deepest feelings of your heart and your desires and he will listen and guide you.
Also on Tuesday i got a calling... mom your going to laugh at this one.... your talking to the newest music coordinator . hahaha Que el el mundo! that means  what in the world(; I got to plan the music for Sundays sacrament and its actually easier than i thought it would be, all i have to do is ask people to do things, I thought i would have to sing or something but luckily for my zone i dont have to(;
Wednesday Elder boxburger got his visa and left thursday morning, we all cried Wednesday night, even the elders, it was hard. It gets harder every day were here to imagine saying goodbye to our district, we spend more than 10 hours a day together learning and growing and we've all gotten so close. But we all are also excited to get to work so it'll be alright(:
Wednesday i talked with one of my teachers on how to improve my studying and we somehow got on the subject of are you willing to do whatever the lord asks of you, its an interesting thing to think about, Are you truly willing to do ANYTHING if the lord asked you? Good question to think about and always keep in the back of your mind.
Thursday i got Tammy and Yvonne's packages! thank you guys so much! and Tammy you;ll have to tell everyone the talks you sent me so they can read them! they are so good! and Yvonne if you can remember the weathers candy things  you sent me those things were the BOMB! my whole district ate all of them in t-minus two seconds. haha And mom thanks for the cinnamon rolls those were also gone in a blink, my district just loves my family(: Me and my companion got asked to do a demonstration in class with our teacher and we taught a lesson in Spanish  it was scary to have everyone watching but we totally rocked it! and had the coolest thing happen, the "investigator" asked a question and i had the perfect thing to say in my head but then hna bledsoe started talking and at first i was impatient because i wanted to say what i was thinking but then she said exactly what i was going to say! it was so cool, and such a testimony builder of how companions can be unified!
Friday we had potato soup for lunch,  which you all know is my favorite, so that day was automatically a good one(: I also read a talk that day from Jeffry R Holland called "laborers in the vineyard." everyone should go read it is sooooo good! One of the things i don't think I've told you about is how every time we have gym during the day our district plays volley ball together, its soo fun, and its the only time i feel like i get to relax and just have fun, even though we cant keep score or get too competitive  you all know i keep count in my head(;
Saturday was Elder Frehners birthday so we all snuck fruit out of the cafeteria for him and signed a shirt that says mtc on it, the fruit was the best part because healthy food is hard to come by around here. haha
Sunday i had a lot of meetings as music coordinator(; Just kidding, we only had one but it was so good, they talked about how as leaders we aren't supposed to feel like we have power or authority over anyone, but should feel a constant desire to serve the people we are over and help them with whatever they need. In R.S we sang "as sisters in Zion   and i lost it. haha i was crying the whole time. It just gets me every time were together with all the sister missionaries and how strong the spirit is. woman are going to take over the missionary world I'm telling ya (: Sunday night the BYU mens chorus came and sang and its amazing how powerful the spirit is through music. We aren't allowed to listen to music at the mtc so when we do get to hear it its always so powerful. I cant wait til i can listen to music every morning, its such a blessing and helps bring the spirit! you guys should go listen to their new cd for missionaries, we got to hear some songs off of it and they are sooo good!

As far as the sleeping goes i usually sleep way good at night, and i haven't had trouble getting up at 6:30 once so you guys know that miracles can happen if you trust in the lord(; Also i gained like 2 pounds this last week so it looks like ill be eating more wraps and salads, unless the weight is all muscle, which is highly unlikely(; I really feel ready to take on this week with more energy and purpose. On Wednesday i will be done with the first month of 18. And it flew by. I know i could be trying harder so that's what i;m going to do(: I feel your guys prayers everyday and i hope you feel mine. I have the best support team there is and i am so thankful for all that you guys do for me and for the love and support i feel, all i ask is that all of you try to become closer to your heavenly father, use the atonement everyday and look to the lord in all that you do.I love you all so much!!! Please don't think i don't love you if you don't hear from me, just write me and say hey... write me a letter, and i will(: I'm doing my best to focus and give the lord my all so just know that i think about all of you daily and i love you sooo much!! Keep up the good work at home and ill keep up the work out here! (:

-Hermana Weller <3

PS . a couple more things i thought of if you have time or any of my aunts, some pictures of gospel scenes like the first vision or ones from Jesus’ life or things like that that i could use to help teach. maybe have Yvonne laminate them or something, just an idea. also headbands and treats i can suck on haha ones that are sneaky for class(:

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