Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 2 Pics

Got our names put on all our books!! 
This is what they give you when you have a package!
Happy Day!! 
After crying at the devotional, love me companera! 
We love Peru! 
We won't be far away at all! 
My goodies corner!! Thank you guys so much for
the Packages!! 
Me and my baby fabaaaa:Ryan, he says he misses you! 
The closest we get to men... 
All excited for conference on Saturday! 
All of the girls ready for Conference! 
Found some Ducks...that's about as exciting as it
gets around here! 
Some of our district at conference! 
I love Joseph Smith...haha 
again...closest we get to men around here...
On our way to the temple or as we call it,
breaking out of the prison 
Love it when I come across her, she is the BEST!! 
All the girls from my district 
I love mi companera! Isn't she so pretty! 
love, love, love!! 
Rainy days are my favorite!! Ask Ryan why? 
At the Temple again, We love going there! 
It is HEAVEN when we get to wear jeans...I love Pdays! 
Sending some letters! Keep em comin:) 
Once again..so nice to be able to stretch them legs out...haha

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