Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/3/13 Mailed Letter

     I dont have a ton of time to write you guys other than on Mondays but I'll try! I love getting dear elders. They are amazing, Mom thank you so much for the package and for forwarding me all my emails, those relieved alot of stress I had. My roommates all loved the lotion and say thank you and they love you! Grandma & Gramps thank you for the stamps! Mom- I bought sweats already...you know me and yeah I might have to send some stuff home, no word on the visa yet. I see Kelsey at least one time a day and its the best thing in the world, it seems like she is doing soooo good, I love it. I am so excited to watch conference I know it will be amazing! If you can send my mini Preach my Gospel book, I think it is in my room, and maybe some lifesaver mints. Also tell everyont to watch these video's on lds.org: "Dare to stand alone" by Thomas S. Monson and "Mens hearts shall fail them" by Russell M Nelson.



I love and miss you guys so much!! Im doing great though! I'll write on Monday w/details.

Love Hermana Weller aka la oveja perdida (the lost sheep)

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