Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 4 Email part 2

 Notes from elder Scott's talk:

"Every good thing in my life came because I served a mission." (So did Jenine!)

" I can assure you you will never regret the service you will give."

"To reach a goal never before attained, one must do things one has never done... the Lord will help you through your faith."

"He [Heavenly Father] doesn't care if your feelings are clumsily expressed, He is your loving Heavenly Father and you are precious to Him."

"Kneel and pray and talk to your Father in Heaven... Let Him know your honest and sincere feelings."

He told us there are three kinds of answers:
1) Peace, comfort, assurance
2) Unsettling feeling, stupor of thought
3) No answer-- To have us grow through exercising faith in Him. We are not passively waiting, but acting in accordance with His teachings. The Spirit will alert you if it is a wrong choice. This is a blessing because He trusts us.  Waiting for an answer increases our character and faith.

"Answers seldom come during a prayer, but during quiet moments of pondering and meditation.  Find time to be still."

"Challenges stretch us and allow us to grow. Don't complain. Ask the Lord what you're supposed to learn."

"I know Jesus Christ lives because I know Him."

"The Lord has called you to succeed, not to fail... Remember, you have been called."

...and my favorite...

"This is an opportunity for you to discover a capacity you never knew."

This week...
Words of Wisdom de Elder Boxberger:


When we were talking about music: "It helps me to say that I miss my music but- and 'but' excludes it- I have made a commitment to keep my eye single to the work."

"If you don't have a plan, what else have you got?"

...and my favorite:
"Never stop living the Gospel... LIVE IT UP."

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