Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quotes from my district!


"My folks, my blokes, my artichokes." (In a Scottish accent)
-Elder Boxberger

"I LOVE machetes!"
-Hermana Simonsen

"...So he's tall and flakey?" (flacco)
- Boxy

"You eat like, a family of chickens at every meal Boxberger!"
- Elder Bowler

"To me, that's like putting kerosene on a fire... it's like saying, 'I'm angry' and then going and listening to Linkin Park."
-Elder Boxberger

"Brother Halsey is running around all sexy-like"
-Elder Frehner

"I haven't heard that much nasalization since the last Bob Dylan song I listened to."
- Boxy

"You would like my bed."
- Elder Frehner

"Never stop living the gospel... LIVE IT UP."
- Elder Boxburger

hahahha most of them you just have to know whose saying it but oh well, you may find them funny anyhow(:
love you!!

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