Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 3 Email!!!

Hola me familia!! Oh man i just love you all so much!! Thank you for everything you guys send me and for all of your letters of encouragement!! Also for your prayers, you don't know how much i can feel them and am thankful for them! You guys rock!! I am so blessed!!

So here's the past week for ya (:
Monday: P-day went to the temple and got to see a man and woman taking out their endowments together, it was such a precious site and the spirit was so strong. We did lame stuff like laundry and then that night got to teach our "investigator" Fabian. After we taught him(he's actually our teacher) he talked to me and my companion and told us that we have such a strong quality of listening and that the little language barrier we had wouldn't matter because he could feel how much we sincerely cared about him and that if we kept up those habits of listening we would be amazing missionaries. It was amazing to  be told that because as you all know I'm usually pretty selfish when it comes to the whole talking/listening thing. haha I hope that i can be a good listener and continue to feel this love and care i do for the rest of my investigators.
Tuesday: It snowed. We were all so mad because we thought we would have warm weather but oh well(: So crazy story Hermana Harmon had packed her suitcases and weighed them and everything on Pday(monday) because she just felt like she needed to and then Tuesday night she got her visa and found out she was leaving Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. Crazy right?? So luckily she was already pretty much ready to go! That night we had an awesome devotional from Gerald N Lund on revelation. I guess he's kind of well known for his books(: anyways it was really cool he talked about how important revelation is but that sometimes Satan can make us feel like we are getting revelation or sometimes we have "hormonal revelation" haha it was great. His advice was to always listen for promptings but also always think them through and make sure its the best option.
Wednesday: since hermana Harmon left we adopted Hermana Norton into our companionship so we had a trio(: She is amazing. shes from Ohio and is just so positive and also very obedient which is nice. The new missionaries came this day and so we sat outside and welcomed them and tried to give the best advice we could which was "get out while you can" haha I'm just kidding we just told them to keep pushing and eventually you'll learn to love it here like we do(: We got a new investigator Elliana who is actually our other teacher but we got to start teacher her, so now we have two investigators, i cant imagine what it will be like when were juggling more than 5 or 10 investigators at once, madness. Anyways i wrote down Alma 32 and wanted to encourage you guys to read it and relate it to faith like i did, but also to families and how that can also be a metaphor of eternal families, let me know what you think(: Also i handed out all the  sugar cookies you sent me mom and everyone loved them, i seriously only at a half of one because i couldn't stop handing them out and seeing how happy people were at 9:30 at night to get a sugar cookie, it was great(:
Thursday: We had TRC which is where they have members come in and you teach them short lessons in spanish. It was way cool i loved the spirit that was there! Also i got a nice package from JaNae Southwick and the ward! it was great to hear from everyone thanks for thinking of me!  Me and one of the elders tried to go on a all cereal diet this day and totally failed. It lasted halfway through one meal before we realized how hungry we still were. haha the things we come up with to keep it interesting here are great. We had a sister missionary meeting and were told to read these two talks and i invite you guys to also go read them because they are amazing. "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" - Kevin W Pearson May 09 and "Its better to look up" -Carl B Cook Nov 11.
Friday: I had cream of wheat that morning and it made me miss my Momma, but it was ohhh so good (: we had a talk about stress and it really helped us to learn how to cope with the stress of the MTC. Me and my companions were joking that its weird to see girls knees around here and how every time you do it surprises you. haha I'm becoming a molly Mormon.... its happening. But i love it (: Another one of the sisters in my district got her visa and she left Monday today)  Hermana price, she was the best, we were always the ones who were crying in devotionals and stuff together, I'm going to miss her but i know she'll be an amazing missionary  So pretty much any of our visas could come any day. When i do get mine they let us call and tell our family but we only have five minutes so keep your phone on you mom(: as for the airport phone ill have to ask the office about the pay by the minute thing other wise ill put up a good fight for the phone(:
Saturday: I was really amazed at how much Spanish we have learned, i can legitimately talk to someone and understand what they're saying, basic conversations of course but still... the gift of tongues is real and i know i have my heavenly fathers help. we watched a talk called " his grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox, go watch it it is the BOMB. seriously i am in love with that talk.
Sunday: We had relief society first and Mary Edmunds came and talked to us. First off it was so cool to be sitting in a huge auditorium full of sister missionaries who have all sacrificed so much to be here. The spirit was so strong especially when she was talking. We were all laughing and crying it was great. She told a cool story that i want to share. She held up a huge stack of papers and said they were her mission journal. She talked about how home sick she was and how badly she wanted to go home for the longest time. She held up a very small portion of the stack and said that is what she would of had if she had given up and went home. Then she held up the rest of the papers, the remaining and much larger stack and started to cry.. She said she could not believe she almost gave up all of those experiences and amazing people and all of the love that she has for them because she was home sick.. as you can probably guess that part hit me pretty hard. I can already feel so much love for the people in Peru and my desire to serve and to be here has grown SO much i cant even explain it to you. I love love love it here and i am so excited to get out there and spread this wonderful gospel. We had a devotional from Greg Drouby who is a head honcho for the advertisement and media of the church he told us about all the advertisement they're doing in the UK because the play 'book of Mormon  is there, you'll have to go look it up its pretty awesome!  

I've learned a lot in the short time I've been here and one of the things i've learned is GET OVER YOURSELF. My mission is not about me or about how i feel. Its about yielding my heart to the lord and being his servant and tool to help bring others the happiness i already have. I've also learned that you have to work to have the spirit in your life and to be worthy to have the gift of the spirit. I can not imagine not being here and not being able and blessed to have this opportunity. I think about you guys all the time and hope everyone is doing well, i pray for you and hope you all strive to do better and try harder to serve our heavenly father everyday(: one of my favorite things to do here when i get the chance to use a computer is to get on and watch peoples stories and feel love for them, cheesy i know but its awesome to see how different we all are but how alike we are in the aspect of our religion and our beliefs. I love you all and hope you all have an amazing week!
Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es Verdadero. En el nombre de jesucristo Amen. ( ill write more in Spanish next week but I don't have enough time today! (: )

Love always. Hermana Weller. <3  
p.s this Wednesday there is going to be 6 more sister missionaries coming in then elders, awesome right??? also mom.. the bathrooms are all shared by everyone on the floor and there is like 12 showers and two different bathrooms so 24 showers on the floor, i haven't had to wait for one yet so the bathroom sich is just fine(: Ill send you pictures in a bit(:

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