Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 3 Pics!

Some of the Elders swag sittin 
Swag sittin. Class gets interesting sometime. Haha 
Haha..So sometimes we get as many of the same pamphlets
in different languages and make fun of the fact that they pose 
different people in the same pose...oops! 
This is the kind of stuff I have to deal with here...
haha seriously what are the odds?? 
Stickers are our favorites!
Don't do Drugs!! 
Love these beautiful women! 
Me and Hermana Price before she left!! 
Check out this cute vaccum face!

HSI or in English SYL which stands for Speak your
language. The rules I live by! 
This ones for you Mom, here's the bathroom sinks, 
There one of these set ups on both sides of the showers
and there's two separate ones on each floor, plenty of room! 
Showers! and no those curtains never cover nearly
enough of the opening..haha 
You know me...doing my daily pull ups! 
Check out my sweet Peru shirt!
You can order these here for whatever mission you 
are going to, pretty sweet huh? 
So here's what you get when you buy Swedish fish at
the MTC...three in one..makes sense right??? 
Haha..this is one my companion got of me eating 
Ice Cream...YUM!! 
The latest district Picture! 
All of the Sisters!! 
Funny Pic from last week! 
Me and Hermana Norton! She was our new companion
but now that Hermana Price left too the left over
companions got put together! 
All of the boys in our district, I think I'm just boy deprived
but they keep getting cuter and cuter to me! Haha, btw there's
not a ton of things to take pictures of anymore but I try! Once
I get to Peru I think it will be easier to find Photo Opportunities!'

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