Thursday, June 13, 2013

(5/28/13) 2 Months down!! Only 16 months left, time needs to slow down!!

Well family this past week was awesome!! On tuesday we had our first district meeting and met the senior missionaries in our area, the husband went to Peru on his mission so it cool to get to talk to him! (no news on the visa by the way) We got to meet with one of our investigators Sister Bitner and then we tracted pretty much all night! I've had a lot of interesting tracting stories but those will come later in the email(: Wednesday we did service at St vincent de Paul, a thrift store sorta thing. we pretty much just go through books and throw away the Harlequin ones. haha Its great(: we tracted again that night and the last door we knocked a nice black man came to the door with his daughter, we gave our little spill and then he told us it was funny that we stopped by, that him and his girlfriend were deciding on what they were going to do, im guessing seperating or something but he told us we could stop by again, so we will probably do that this week it was just a cool experience, even though we didnt baptize him or even give him a book of mormon(yet:)) i could tell that us just stopping by had an influence on him. That day was the first day i went home and my feet hurt! Im sure ill have a lot more of that when i get to Peru, but ill take advantage of the time that i have a car here(: Thursday we met with Tammy and her family, They are so awesome! We have already taught them the first three lessons and they always keep the commitments we leave, They are both still praying to know if they need to get baptized but she said she can already feel the change in her life, that shes more happy and things seem to be going smoother, its awesome to hear her say that! She also told us that when she stopped us that She was drawn in because of the glow or light we had about us. I thought that was so cool, that people can litteraly see the light in us, it makes me realize how important it is for me to be obedient and to be living and doing the things i need to to have that light in my always. Friday We had a couple of lessons and then had dinner with the Carters, They are such a cute family, all the families in our ward are so great to us! Which reminds me, FEED THE MISSIONARIES(: That night we were headed out to tract and i kind of had a bad attitude about it when a picture fell out of my scriptures of my family, I know that all of you would want me to be doing the best i can and i know that you are praying for me so i changed my attitude and it turned out to be a great night! We went out to some houses on the lake shore and they were all gorgeous! i found my future beach house(: It is so green and pretty here, i may end up living here sometime in my life(: Saturday we got to take one of our investigators to a little girls baptism, It was such a cool experience to see her feel the spirit and to feel how strong the spirit is at baptisms. We had another lesson with Tammy and it of course went super good as always(: seeing how the spirit works through us is one of the coolest things. Anything i accomplish out on my mission is not me, its the spirit and me being worthy to have the spirit work through me. I know that heavenly father has prepared people to accept his gospel, we just have to have faith and go find them! This was also the first day i got the door slammed in my face.. haha As they taught us in the mtc.. it was a nice breeze(: Sunday we walked sister bitner to church and it was really cool to get to have her come. My favorite part was RS, we talked about temples and how important they are, it made me miss having the oportunity to go whenever i want so i need all of you to take advantage of getting to go and go as much as you can! We had dinner with a family from the ward and the wife had gone on her mission to Wisconsin so we had alot to talk about(: It was so cute her little son kept saying that he wanted another little brother and kept telling his dad "Just do it, just put another baby in moms tummy, its not that hard! " haha we all got a good laugh with that one(: That night i could tell there was some tension between our companionship so after nightly planning i just threw it out there and said "does anyone have anything they want to say?" well i didnt know i was opening the flood gates.. haha we all talked it out for about two hours and now were closer than ever, so i guess it was a good thing but at the time i wasnt sure what was going to happen(: Monday, Memorial day, Instead of being up in lava with all of you relaxing, i got to to go tracting all day in the rain(: It was actually probably my favorite day here so far! First off it was my actual 2 month mark! Whooohooo!! Except im still sad that time is going by so fast!!  We changed our doorstep aproach a little bit and it was so much better, we handed out 5 book of mormons and talked to a lot of great people, hopefully we will get some new investigators out of that but if not i know for sure that we planted some seeds(: One older guy at a HUGE house even told us we could come back later, that they were grillin... but that it probably wouldnt be our "scene" haha we were half tempted to show up and see what he would say but decided that probably wasnt the best idea(: We had dinner with a cute single lady from our ward who we quickly realized just needed someone to talk to, It was great though, i love hearing different peoples stories and their experiences in life. Especially hearing peoples conversion stories, it makes me remember that miracles do happen and i just have to keep trying!


If theres anything i learned this week worth sharing it's that the hard times and the struggles we go through are to make us stronger. The difficult times i have here just make the good times that much better! Sometimes i dont know how im still out here but then i remember how much support and love i have back home and how much help i have from my heavenly father. I have learned so much about the gospel and how to teach since i've been here and even though im still excited to go to peru im happy with being here for as long as i need to be! i know that God knows best and that he will put me where he needs me to be. Some scriptures for you all to read and ponder about... Either 12, 1Nephi 16:29, D&C 42:29, Mosiah 24:15, 2Nephi 31 and 32, Alma 32 and 34 (: That should keep you all busy with your nightly scripture study(:


Here are some of the funny tracting quotes from this week...

"hi were missionaries from the church........." -us  "Thats okay were not." -mean guy. haha

"soooo whats your message? how often do you do your rounds? how much does that book cost?" -Sean, one of our potential investigators.. haha

"Have you ever heard of the Book of mormon?'-us  "I have but im not interesting...." -man haha

"you wouldnt be interested in buying an RV would you?" -man

haha and so many more interesting things happen that i dont write down!


I love you familia! Thank you for your letters and your packages! they really do make my day! i will try to write you back as soon as i can but as you know im pretty busy out here so be patient with me!

I have two quotes i want to leave you with..

"There is neither man or woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live and it is to do good, to premote richeousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life. " -President Brigham Young.

"No mission will ever reach its highest potential until there is cooporarion between the missionary force and the membership of the church." President Thomas S. Monson.


Love and miss you all!!!

Sister Weller(:

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