Thursday, June 13, 2013

6/10/13 Email

I’m not going to be able to write much until i figure out how to work everything.. haha but ill do my best.





i cant belive im in peru!!! it is a completely different world here!! at the airport in gorgia i ran into hna bledsoe!! we got to fly together and get to peru together!! i stayed in a hotel the first night in peru and it was really nice! i stayed with hna ivie who is going to trajillo. on tuesday we went to the police place to get our visas and were there for forever!! but i met up with two other elders from my district and then ended up flying with them to arequipa that day! i stayed with the mission president that night because i was the only sister and then the next day we had training and then i got on a bus and went to my area which is moquega and is about 4 hours away from arequipa, its really hot here and the sun is super strong but i love it!! the people are so nice and patient with my horrible spanish. haha my companion is hermana purizaga and she is from peru and is so great! shes super obedient which is good!! i learn so much from her and she is very patient with me! when we pray we kneel on a pillow on the floor, hold hands and then hug after.. how cute huh!!  wednesday night we taught a lesson and honestly i didnt understand anything that was going on haha everyday consists of lessons, meetings and contacting people on the streets. we live in the branch presidents house on the third floor, and their daughter and her family live on the first floor and shes the one that cooks for us! the food is different here but its good!! for breakfast we eat rolls and eggs usually and for lunch, which is huge we eat rice and chicken and potatoes usually. and for dinner we usually just have a piece of cake.. haha its great though. We walk everywhere and somehow its always uphill... haha the cars and drivers here are so crazy.. i dont think there are any rules! ohhh and i ate cow heart..... yummm.. tasted like steak ! haha all the woman here great eachother by kissing eachother on the cheek. i am learning more and more spanish everyday and learning the culture and ways of the people. They are seriously so humble and nice.. i dont even know how to explain it. I´m learning more and more everyday about everything.. and i know that this church is true. and it can change peoples lives, all over the world!!! sorry this is so short! ill do better next week i promise!!! love you all!!!!!



Hermana weller!

Note: (NO PICS sent this sad!)

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