Thursday, June 13, 2013

6/3/13 Email before the Airport

Well i'll tell you a little bit of what happened this past week! First off we set a baptismal date with Sister Neri and we had the coolest experience. We really felt like it needed to be June 29th so we asked her if that worked and she said yes. and then a couple minutes later she was talking about her grandson that had passed away and then told us that June 29th was the day that he had died.. she said she felt like it was his way of making that day a good day and that she could tell he wanted her to get baptized! Such a cool experience! Then i found out Wednesday that i was leaving for Peru on Friday so we got ready for that only to find out i wasn't going to leave until Monday! After we found out we went to a part member families house and found out the mom had gone to Peru on her mission!! She told me a bunch of stories and then said she was having a Peruvian lady come teach her and some other ladies from the ward how to make a Peruvian dinner on Saturday and invited us! We got to go and it was so much fun! The food was amazing and she even had Inca Cola the soda they have in Peru, it was a nice way to ease me into the culture there i guess(: We had a pretty good week, lots of tracting and lessons, and Sunday was amazing! We had all of our investigators come to church! We had even called sister Bitner and told her not to come because she rides her motor scooter to church and it looked like it was going to rain but when we got to church she was there... thirty minutes early! She said she prayed about it and felt very strongly that she needed to go! She's so awesome! It was testimony meeting, which is always amazing and then that day we had a dinner at 3 and a dinner at 5;30! So needless to say i got fed very well my last day in the USA(: I really have loved it here in Kenosha Wisconsin but i'm ready to get to Peru! I'm not sure how solid my Spanish is but i know that if i put my trust in Heavenly Father that everything will work out. I have grown and learned so much in these past couple months and I'm so glad i get to have this experience. I love this Gospel and I know that it is the true church and that if we follow its teachings we will be blessed and we will have happiness in our lives(: We will still have trials and difficulties but they are for our benefit and there to help us learn and grow. Our heavenly father knows us perfectly and is always there to help us and to guide us in our lives, turn to him and he will help you!! I am so excited for this next part of my mission and i'll do my best to make you all proud(: Stay happy and healthy and dont forget to read your scriptures and pray!!! I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything you do and for your support and prayers!! <3


Hasta La Vista(:


Hermana Weller

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