Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/24/13 Email

Familia!!!! Man this week flew by! 

monday we printed pics, ate ice cream which i missed, washed our clothes, cleaned the house, wrote letters which cost like 3 bucks a letter.. (: but thats okay! we had FHE and the bishops house with an investigating family which was really good!

tuesday we had district reunion and then we had spagetti for lunch which didnt taste like spagetti at all.. haha we had some awesome lessons with our investigators and i realized how cool this experience is. i get to live in a completely different country, learn their culture and a whole different language, and on top of that i get to share the greatest message on this earth!! a message that has totaly changed my life! i love it here, i love this work. 

wednesday we had another lesson with sandra and i am always in tears in her lessons because she reminds me a ton of how i used to feel, alone, and not happy, even though i was doing things i thought would make me happy. this is why im here. to help people find the peace and happiness i feel in my life right now. to share my testimony of the atonement and the love our savior has for us. 

thursday we had weekly planning, then we met with an investigator who told me she wanted me to marry her son.. then her son came haha it was a bit awkward. also my companion told me shes never seen so many young men interested in learning the gospel. maybe thats why im here, to use my blonde hair to teach people about the gospel. haha thats how i look at it at least(: we had missionary night at the churcha and watched videos about the resoration, which is always a spiritual experience. we talked to a member who went to columbia on her mission and she told us a ton of crazy stories from there, i cant wait to have crazy stories of my own. 

friday we got a call from the leaders that the president was coming and that we had interviews with him that morning. my interview was probably one of the most spiritual experiences ive had here so far. i really felt the guidence of my heavenly father through my mission president. he is amazing, he talked alot about my future family and kids and how they need me to be here so i can help them. and how he felt like i was one of his daughters and he was sad he only got to be here for a short part of my misson(we get a new president in a couple weeks.) then he gave me a blessing and it was so powerful,  i have felt the help of that blessing this whole week. i also found out that my mission is number 1 in peru, 2 in south america and 3 in the whole world! pretty sweet huh? heavenly father knew i like to be the best(:

saturday we got to go to the market here which is crazy, they sell everything, litterally everything, the part with clothes is like DI time a hundred, you would all love it (: we had cow stomach for lunch.. yum (: 

Sunday we had church, and i realized most of the time i have no idea what im actually eating.. haha then we met at the church to watch the broadcast of the work of salvation which if anyone didnt watch it go watch it! it was amazing and plus it was in spanish and i actually understood it! crazy!! 


i learn more and more spanish everyday and it is starting to feel more like home here! miss and love all of you here are some things to read

mosiah 2:41 D and C 88:63 

also i challenge all of you to have family prayer every morning and night! it will strengthen your families i promise!! 


love you all!!! 


hermana weller!! 

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