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6/17/13 Email

HOLA HOLA 2 semanas en peru!!


oh boy this week was probably one of the hardest weeks of my life! but i have learned so much and became so much closer to my heavenly father! i have never been so homesick in my life! but ive learned that with the help of our savior we can do anything!

<monday: pday! so we go to a little shop thing to email and then after we did some shopping for paper and stuff but its way different here because stores are all over and they are run by people out of their houses! also everything here is super cheap except for electronics which are rediculously expensive haha we got to go to a park and play soccer with our zone and i met my first alpaca!!!!! (: you could say i was pretty stoked about that haha i also got eaten alive by mesquitos, i seriously look like i have leperacy. but thats alright, its all part of the experience right?  also we wash our clothes by hand.. take freezing cold showers.. everyday.. and eat way too much rice (: ohhh and i got sick for the first time this day.. but like i said its all part of the experience and i love it ´(:

<tuesday: i told my penchenista i was sick and she gave me a bunch of wierd drinks that im pretty sure just made me more sick.. haha but its the thought that counts. we had district reunion and they gave me a leahona in english which was super cool because the issue has the story of the lost sheep!!

<wednesday: we did a lot of contacting, which with it came some funny stories. a baracha or drunk asked for my hand in marraige.. another guy insisted on giving us a drink of his pop which had floaties in it.. yummmmm but anyways my spanish gets better and better each day, usually i start the conversation or lesson and do as much as i can and then look at my companion and she finishes and then i bear my testimony, we have a good system(:

<thursday:; we had weekly planning at the church and then had lots of citas or lessons. we had an awesome lesson where i shared the first vision and the spirit was soooo strong. i love feeling the spirit in lessons and watching the spirit work in our investigators.

<friday: mom your not going to like this... my companion and the family we live with killed 3 ducks.. themselves on the roof of our house to eat!! i seriously had to walk away because i was crying..hahaha like any spoiled american would that doesnt know where their food comes from. it was awful, then i ate it later that week. haha ohhh man i love peru! we had exchanges and i went with hna diope who only has one more month left in her mission, i went to another area, san antonio which is way different then my area. its all dirt hills and shacks.. like tarps and bamboo for houses its crazy how lucky we are in america. and how lucky i am in my area! Also dogs are everwhere and some have shirts on, it always makes me laugh because their like humans here.

<saturday: i went back to my house, we had an amazing experience this day with an investigator who at first didnt want to let us in but did, we watched a movie about christ with her and were all in tears, she said she was doing all she could to be a good person but still wasnt happy... i was reminded how i used to feel and how much happier i am now. i know with all my heart that this gospel is the way to true happiness. through obedience we can be happier than we ever imagined! that is why im here. i want to help people like her find that peace and happiness like i did.

<sunday: first i had to teach a class to new members.. in spanish haha but somehow whenever i need to talk i come up with the words to say. i know its because of the help of the spirit. i also had to share my testimony in sacrament which was a little scary but im sure they understand that my spanish isnt the best. by the way im pretty sure that me and the 3 other american missionaries are the only white people in all of moquegua... everyone stares at me haha but ill use it to my advantage and share the gospel with them (: Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the wonderfull men in my life. and thank you for the examples that all of you have been to me!!! i love you all!!!!


a little more about my companion, shes 24 and the oldest in her family and doesnt speak any english.. haha but wants to learn, so we help eachother. shes from peru and shes awesome!!


im learning more and more that if we didnt have hard times we wouldnt be learning or growing. i wanted to share two talks with you all.  come what may and love it by wirthlin and cast not away therefore your confidence by jeffrey r holland!  love you all!!!! peru is different but amazing!! ill adjust one day(¨:


love, hermana weller!!!(:

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