Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pictures 5/20/13

Me and Lexi! 
not really sure what we were thinking..
but thats us for ya! 
Joseph Smith's glamour shot re-inactment. 
Two sisters we got to know very well at the MTC
one is from Peru and the other is from Honduras,
they would let us practice our spanish with them
and were so sweet to us! 
Saying goodbye to our baby district sisters! 
Last night as a companionship! 
Final Four! 
Last two standing..saying goodbye to baby bled:( 
Best Companion ever! 
Sister Routen and I at the airport! 
All the missionaires that I flew with when we first
go to Milwaukee! 
My trainer(bottom right) and other companion
pointing to our area KENOSHA  SOUTH(: 
Me and my mission president and wife,
President and Sister Jones. 
The first three houses we tracted! Thought I might want
to remember them/show you(: 
Keepin it real in Wisconsin with a nice sheesy dinner(: 
Our "bedroom" haha I love it. 
We were so happy after our lesson with Tammy!
I had to record that moment. 
Rando, Water tower with Kenosha on it (; 
When I first saw I was goning to Wisconsin 
When I first saw I was going to Wisconsin 
Our Apartment! Ours is the one upstairs on the right! 
Pday at the Lake! So pretty! 
The lighthouse! (it was a little windy, my butts not
that big I promise(:) 
Loving the view and being here in Kenosha! 
Getting splashed..oops probs shouldn't of walked
out there but I know Ryan would of wanted me to
so I did(: 
Just bein a little adventurous at the lake!

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