Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 6 Email!

A donde me mandes ire!

Mi familia!
Here we are another week at the MTC! No news on the re-assignment yet but i should find out tomorrow and be able to call you(: I'm thinking Georgia : but like the title to this email says "ill go where you want me to go". It doesn't matter to me where i go as long as i get to start teaching people and sharing the Gospel! This past week really didn't have many exciting things going on, just a lot of studying and saying goodbye to half my district but ill give you the rundown of the week anyways!
Thursday: i got to talk to you lovely people! i loved every minute of it!
Friday: We had in field orientation which just got all of us pumped to get out into the field, It was really cool though they focused a lot on working with the members and how important it is. We had really cool teachers too, one was french and had an amazing accent and also an amazing looking face(; haha for once i didn't have to feel bad for staring because he was my teacher(; We got to go play volleyball for the last time as a district and then we all gathered all of our junk food and hung out outside the elders dorms, i love how close our district became. they were really like my family.
Saturday: We had a really cool experience as a class teaching a pretend investigator as a class, the spirit was really strong and we all were reminded how we teach. which is through the spirit, not necessarily what we say. We also had a testimony meeting with our district before everyone left which always gets really emotional.
Sunday: It was fast Sunday so we had mission conference here's some of my notes from that
-Trust in the lord, even when challenges and discouragements set in. The test is always the same... Are you willing to yield your heart to the lord??
-Doing things half hearted= 1/2 the growth and 1/2 the blessings.
-It takes a fool to take offense when none is intended, it takes a bigger fool to take offense when it was intended.
-Reverence is the atmosphere in heaven. We should all strive to be more reverent in our lives. learn how to have quiet dignity.  
-Without the Savior and the atonement we wouldn't have any good news to share.
-One of the speakers talked about the song come thou fount, which is my favorite song and talked about what the lyrics really meant, go look them up, you'll love them(:

Then in sacrament we all got released from our callings and had a testimony meeting. It's always so cool to listen to the sacrament prayers in Spanish and also to hear peoples testimonies in Spanish because the spirit is still the same. Our district sang a song for the musical number and we sang come thou fount in Spanish. Loved it. THEN we had Chad Lewis speak to us at the Sunday night devotional. He was amazing. He was a NFL player and has such a cool story. He was such a motivational speaker, we were all so into that devotional. Here are some of my notes.
-"You've been saved to come down at this time because people need you. you have courage and these experiences will change your life. "
-You are putting worldly things on hold and your testimony on the line. (my personal favorite!)\
-When you get tired... pray like crazy. 
-No matter what just Work.. WORK WORK WORK and you will end up loving your mission and having success. 

Monday: We said goodbye to elder Adams and Mcpherson and Hermana Simonson at 5 in the morning and then were all pretty much bummed all day long.
Tuesday: So there is only 4 of us left in our district, Me Hermana Bledsoe, Hermana Norton and Elder Bowler. I'm in a trio now with both of them but they are both great so it works out. So we basically just get to make our own schedules and study what we feel like we need to. We were all feeling really down on Monday and Tuesday but then on Tuesday we got to help the other districts in our zone teach and help them with Spanish and it made us all realize how much we really have learned since we've been here. It was really good for all four of us and i think that's probably what we will be doing most of the time this next week while were still here. We had a devotional from Eduardo Gavarret of the seventy and his wife. His wife got up and bore her testimony in Portuguese Spanish and french. It was such a testimony to us that the spirit speaks in all languages. I loved it, especially because i understood what she was saying in Spanish  Brother Gavarret talked about a lot of things but ill share some of my notes(:
- Do you want to be on a mission or to be a missionary? (BAM)
-When temptations come, do not change your standards.
-We are still in the battle that started in heaven, We are talking about souls on the line here.
-Faith improves with knowledge.
--The members of the church have the front line position in the contest for the souls of men. -Elder Ballard.
The biggest thing i learned actually came from one of the songs we sang. we sang " as i have loved you, love one another." i was thinking about that and how i always just thought of it as yeah.. i need to love everyone and be nice to them but as i thought deeper about this line i realized its more than that. we need to love others as deeply, as sincerely, and as purely as our savior loves us. I'm going to have to learn how to do this better and i hope everyone will really think about that line.. "as i have loved you, love one another."

I know i have a lot to learn and do while I'm here so i will take advantage of the time i have here at the MTC, i can feel the Spanish coming along and i have really learned so much since I've been here. I hope all is well back at home. here's some scriptures for ya(;
Mosiah, 24:14 Mosiah 7:33 D&C 105:41

Les Quiero! yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es verdadero, yo se que los familias son eternos y atraves de la expiacion podemos ser limpios otra vez y regresamos a nuestro padre celestial. Yo se que dios es amoroso a cada persona y Jose Smith fue una profeta verdadero. yo se que el libro de mormon es la palabra de dios y puede ayudarnos con los dificil cosas en nuestros vidas. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Love you all! Hopefully next week i will be writing you from somewhere other than Provo, Utah(:
Read your scriptures and pray everyday!! Always remember that your Heavenly Father loves you and wants to hear from you and help you!!

Love always,
Hermana Weller (the mtc super-senior(: )      

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