Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 6 Pic's

Sometimes we like to put our feet in the sink and soak
them while we pluck our eyebrows! 
My two amazing teachers! Love them both so much! 
We took this picture when we found out we had ONE
more week!! 
Our District with our Branch Presidency! 
All the sisters! Love these women! 
This is our whole zone! We get another new district
today too, so  excited! 
Our district before half of them left! 
Elder Adams thinks he's funny. 
All of the Hermanas in our zone! 
Funny pictures 
LOVE her! 
Me and Hermana Simonson before she left for Peru! 
We always joked that we would be the worst companions
because were both a little rebellious so this is our
"Bad Girl" picture. haha 
Me and my new companion Hermana Norton! 
Had to do it!! 
Gotta love the Elders 
Forgot how good this song was! 
At the temple today! probs the last time at the 
Prove temple! 
This is Me! 
One more of us pointing on the map!

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