Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 5 Pics

We wore the same outfits we wore on the
 first day in celebration of our 4 week mark! 
I don't want to leave this girl! No companion
will ever compare! 
Laughing at eachother. How cute 
These are our "typical sister missionary"
outfits. Haha we think we're funny. 
Me and Hermana Bledsoe with the new hermanas
in our zone! We love them! 
Mom, I thought you would love these flowers! there
are flowers everywhere here, they are so pretty!
They make me happy 
hah her camera has this could say it was
the best find ever! 

Just some Pics of us with the flowers! 

oh the things we find in the free bin..haha 
The crew going to Arequipa! A-town baby! 
A Town! 
We miss puppies... 
Cute dogs cards bring us happiness.haha 
Love my companion. Especially because we usually match
without planning it. haha 
Doing some modeling shots. 
All the elders, aren't they all so cute?!? 
So this is Elder Bowler, hes the one that is related to
Jaycee Liechty. If you can, tell his mom how amazing
he is. He is such a spiritual power house and always
makes us sisters cry when he bears he testimony. Me and
him both struggled the first couple weeks with homesickness
and really relied on eathother for support. We always joke
around that were cousins and family. I just want his family to
know how great he is, all the elders look up to him and I feel
so blessed to have gotten to know him. They have to be amazing
parents to have raised such an amazing son! 

Love her. 
Me and all the elders! 
This was pretend modeling day I guess! haha 
My favorite hermanas! 
you gotta love the accidental pics. 
once her! 
haha..don't they just look so happy??

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