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8/5/13 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2013 10:53 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: mi familia para siempre(;


this week was so great!!!!! i love my new companion she is so fun and outgoing and we just get along sooo good!!! i dont think ive ever been this happy in my life! we have fun but we work hard and are obedient, the perfect combination!! Shes from ecuador and is 23, shes the only child and has 15 months in her mission! we are going to have so much fun together and im so excited to work with her here in moquegua!

monday we wrote home, put all her stuff away, and then played soccer with the zone, its always so much fun to play with everyone and they all have this joke that no matter where the ball is or where i am they all yell "hermana weller!!" haha i love it.

tuesday we had district meeting and we have a new district but i love it! we also had a baptism, hermano edson, the brother of hermana sandra, my first convert, it was so cool! he wanted to be baptized so bad but was going to leave wednesday for a month long trip for work so we arranged it so he could be baptized tuesday and he was so happy! i have loved watching the gospel change this families lifes! he is so much more happy now! oohhh and i finally got my credit card back so that also made this day super great! haha Did i mention my companion knows english? its super helpfull because i can ask her how to say things in spanish, i love it!

wednesday and thursday we visited a lot of members and worked on getting references, the only bad thing about that is that almost every house or person we visited gave us food and drinks... haha we both thought we were going to die... i love inca cola but not that much... haha

Friday we had a really good lesson with a brother of a recent convert, and i realized im speaking spanish... good! i can speak spanish haha but i also realized its a lot better when i have the spirit with me! i know that im able to do all things here because my heavenly father is helping me. that night we taught english classes, meanwhile the other ward was having a kareoke night haha it was interesting to listen to them try to sing songs in english... i bet i sound worse in spanish! haha

saturday we had to go to the dentist because hna herrera broke her tooth during breakfast.. haha and it wasnt as sketchy as i thought it would be! it was actually a lot like the dentists at home! anyways we´ll have to go back a couple more times to get it all taken care of but it all turned out okay!  we met with an awesome family that the wife had been recieving lessons from missionaries a long time ago but then lost contact when they moved here, she knows pretty much everything and told us she wants to be a member, her husband will take a little more time but im excited about there cute little family! that night we were walking home and saw a group of boys that were breakdancing! i was so excited and it was so cool to watch them. its funny to me how the smallest things here bring me so much happiness!!

sunday was pretty normal, church studying, meetings, but that night we had icecream with the family and talked for a bit, they all told me how much they are going to miss me when i leave and how i have to come back and visit them. i seriously love them so much, they are such a blessing in my life here and i will be forever greatful for their love and support! I watched the emma smith movie that night too and i love a quote that they say in it....

"Strength isnt something you have, its something that god helps you find." i love that. i know that i am weak, and without the help of god i wouldnt be able to make it through each day. i know that this church is true, i love this gospel and i love sharing it with the people here in peru. i know that nothing is more important than the work im doing right now and i couldnt be happier to do it!!! a year and a half is such a short amount of time compared to everything that my heavenly father has given me!! Thank you for all your support, letters and prayers!!! love you all!!!! (;


Hermana Weller!! 

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