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7/29/13 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013 10:43 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: 4 months!!!!!!


Where does the time go? i swear just yesterday i was packing and getting ready to leave, and now ive been gone for 4 months. the more i focus on the work here the faster the time goes by, but the more i dont want this experience to end. i love it here more and more each day and my testimony of this gospel is stronger and stronger everyday. I know this church is true with all my heart and i know that it can truly change lives, i know our savior loves us and will help us with whatever we need! With that said my week was crazy but good! so here it is (:

Tuesday  i got home from lima, it was super cute because the whole family we live with was waiting for me and the two little boys ran up to me and hugged me, they missed their greengita(;  it was good to be "home" (: 

Wednesday we got back to the normal rutine, except i got to email home which was nice. Basically i just did my best to get back into missionary mode and be focussed after my mini vacation. (:

Thursday we had weekly planning and i asked one of the elders for a blessing, he gave me it infront of the whole zone which was a little wierd but cool at the same time. Everything he said was exactly what i needed to hear, especially that i need to just take my mission one day at a time and love every minute of it. i decided i love blessings because its like heavenly father is talking to you directly.. in actual words, and i want to work on having this experience everday with pray. The family bought 4 ducks that are living on our roof for now... but i know what will eventually happen with them :( haha

Friday we met with hno German and he told us he wanted to be baptized saturday so we got that all planned for him. This day was awesome, i woke up with a good attitude and just focussed on that day. life and missions are so much easier when we just take it one day at a time and step by step. That night i taught english classes which was harder than i thought haha but it was super fun and were going to have them every friday night!

Saturday we had the baptism of German, POR FIN! haha He was super nervous and almost didnt go through with it because the water was so cole, but after about ten minutes of encouraging him he was baptized!! Then he got confirmed after that because he had to go on a trip that weekend but after that he bore his testimony and it was so cool. i think thats my favorite part, thier simple and new testimonies right after they are baptized, because they are always so real and powerful! That night a member took us out for pizza which was a super nice break from rice and chicken!! yayyy(: ohh also it was my 4 month mark that day.. where does the time go?

Sunday after church we found out that hermana purizaga was going to be changing areas and needed to be ready at 1 to leave. so we had less than two hours to pack all her stuff which was madness. but we did it. then we headed to the bus terminal and both cried the whole time. it was awful, it was so hard to say goodbye to her, she is so awesome and helped me so much. i dont think im going to like that part of the mission very much! then a member stayed with me until my new companion came, so we cleaned our room and then had a lesson, which i had to do all by myself!! scary!! but it went okay and he actually wants to be baptized this week so i guess it wasnt too bad! haha then at about 9 my new companion came(; She seems so cool and im so excited to get to know her more and work together, shes from ecuador and has been in her mission for 14 months, shes the only child in her family and yeah.. thats pretty much all i know haha Shes super up beat and positive and i think that we are going to get along great!! im excited!!


So this week was lo maximo(: i learned a ton and am just happy to be here and have this opportunity!! i hope that all of you are happy and enjoying life!! remember to take it one day at a time and just be happy! (: 

love you all!!!!!!


Hermana Weller(:

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