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7/24/13 Surprise Email!!!

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 12:02 PM
To: Melissa Wheatley


monday, all my aunts, granmps and grams and my mom all wrote me entonces... yo estaba feliz(; after internet time we played soccer with the zone and then we made cookies with our penchanista, they were okay but definetely not the best, but hey im in peru right? haha 

tuesday we had district reuinion and i brought some cookies for everyone, they all loved them, especially the other americans! 

wednesday we had a ton of appointments but most of them fell through so we walked around and contacted a ton, so at leaste i got my excercise for the year in. haha then we studied the book of mormon and watched a little clip of jeffry r hollands talk where he says  "for 173 years this book has been attacked...." im not sure what the rest says but look it up. i love it. haha and i realized how many experiences ive had since ive been here of the truthfullness of the book of mormon and how no matter how many times we receive an answer or confirmation that its true we can always better our testimony. Its so important to read the book of mormon and really put into practice its teachings. 

thursday we had weekly planning and then had a talent show that night that we put on as a ward activity to get investigators involved. it was so fun, kids danced and sang and so did the adults haha i loved it. we put on a funny skit where a little boy is getting chased by a monster and superman and iron man couldnt save him but the missionaries and the power of the book of mormon could haha it was fun. 

friday we had interviews with the new president, hes so funny and nice, it was good to finally get to know him a little better. then we went on divisions and hna diope came to our area and hna purizaga went to another so i had to lead us and basically be in charge the whole time but it was super good, and i finally felt confident in my spanish and such. We talked alot about how i can improve and she told me that i needed to just be myself. that if im not being true to who i am than im being fake and i wont be able to have the spirit with me. i realized i havent been acting like me and ever since i reallized that and have been working on it its been a million times better! 

saturday we had my third baptism, luz was baptized and it was awesome we´ve only been teaching her for about two weeks and she has such a desire to follow christ and do whats right. then they called me and told me i was going to lima on sunday for my peruvian id!

Sunday hermana luz was confirmed and i also talked in sacrament, i realized my spanish is okay i can talk and express myself, it may not be perfect but it works! then right after sacrament we went to the bus station and me and elder naramore headed to arequipa. then as soon as we got there we went to the airport and flew to lima. i talked to the people next to me on the plane.. in spanish.. the whole way, are you proud of me or what?? haha i was pretty stoked. then when we got to lima we stayed in the same hotel that i did when i first got here and i got to stay with two other american girls, there were 11 of us greengos in total and it was like a mini vacation or slumber party it was nice. (:

monday.. best day of my life i got to take a hot shower!!!! ahhhh it was heaven. then we went to imigrations, waited in lines all day and got our peruvian id things, then went back to the airport but our flight got cancelled til the next day.. needless to say we werent exactly sad about the fact that we got to take one more hot shower(: so we flew back on tuesday and then went back to our areas. As nice as it was to be away for a bit and to take a hot shower for the first time in months i missed my companion and our area and im glad to be back,

 Time to get back to work and to help these people in moquegua!!!

i love this work, i love peru and i know that this church is true and is the only way to have true and sincere happiness in this life!!

thank you for all your emails and support!! sorry if i dont write back soon, but theres a lot of work to be done here(:

 love you all so much!!!!!(:

hermana weller

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