Thursday, August 15, 2013

8/12/2013 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 9:54 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: another week in the greatest work!!!(:


monday, just a normal but amazing as usual p day!! love my "weekends"(:

tuesday we had district reuinion, then we visited a family that we´ve been teaching for a while but they havent really progressed. we talked to them for a bit and then for the first time i realized how much i love this family... and how sad i am that they wont accept this message and the blessings that come from it. At the end of the leson i felt the spirit so strong but i didnt know what to say, all i knew was that i needed to say something, so i opened my mouth and the words just flowed. i told them how much we love and care about them but that they basically werent doing their part and that if they wont accept the help we are offering them as representatives of jesus christ that we cant keep visiting them. i invited them again to read the book of mormon and pry and that we hoped to see them at church. it was one of the hardest things ive had to do but one of the most powerful experiences because i truly felt the spirit working through me. i know that we need to focus on the people who are ready to accept this message but its still hard to let go of the hope of people that you have learned to love.

wednesday. we had training with the zone leaders because they just got back from a conference in arequipa and they also brought good news that we can now listen to music everyday and it can be any kind of music thats from the church(feel free to send my cds(:) instead of only pdays and only motab, needless to say we were all pretty excited about that(:

thursday we had weekly planning and then went out to find new people to teach and seriously came back with nothing. we were both a little discouraged but that night we had a noche misional with the ward and watched the restoration video and also sang a special number, and the spirit was so strong. my testimony of the gospel was once again reasured. no amount of bad days here will be able to take away the testimony i have(:

fridaywas another day of pretty much nothing.. sometimes we have days we just have to get through and keep a good attitude(;

saturday, we decided we were going to talk to evveerryyoonnnee in hopes of finding people to teach and it went really good! we met some really good people and are excited to work with them! i am so blessed to have my companion, despite all the things that fell through this week she never lost her positive attitude, we are always laughing and yeah, i just love life(: we eat a lot of food... i hope that we find more investigators who live at the top of the hill so i dont get fat haha

sunday, we had church and then we got permision to go out of our area to eat cuy or guinney pig with the family we live with! it was so much fun, we rode in their car which is exactly like grandma and granpas.. it even smells the same! haha and i actually loved the food!! who am i?? anyways im just happy and am loving life here. i hope all is well and that everyone is happy!! (;

D&c 1:18-23, 6:36

love you all!!!!

Hermana weller!!!(:

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