Monday, May 5, 2014

5/5/2014 Pics!

is anyone there? 
knocking the dorr to neverland(: 
pretty view of the streets of chivay! 
saddest day poor dog friend.. 
crazy FHE, love them! 
us with the family of asunta and santos! 
my aunt jenny would be proud(: 
Companionship trust test(: hair cuts! 
how presh! 
Love my companion! P day hike! 
oops, empty plates! 
Buffet time! 
helping Brenda get ready for her Quincenera!
Love her!! 
inside joke with the comp but worthy to share(: 
cute bows we found(: 
the water slide of doom! 
crossing a huge river! ha 
pretty waterfall hike! 
grandma wont like this one, adventure time! 
pretty view right outside of our room! 
about to get dangerous!

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