Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/19/14 Pictures

The branch on Sunday saying goodbye to Elder Tenorio
and Elder Maylett! 
Your looking at the new Branch President!
He's gonna do great! 
time to go back to Arequipa! 

My Young Womens class! 
later on in the day..making progress! 
Ranfom Sheep herd crossing. 
Brenda and us in her moms store! 
Brenda and Junior! Our amazing investigators!! 

Out two favorite things Batti mix and Tari...
the best hot sauce ever!! 
This is where we eat for breakfast everyday!
Quinua and Palta (avocado) sandwiches!!! 
Matching outfits for Mayletts Birthday! 
These are the dead Alpacas that they cut up that I
was telling you about...yuuummm(: 
One of the little street stores. 
Playing games at English class 

This is called a Salchipapa plate..Hotdogs, French
fires and lots of Mayo and Ketchup! 
Birthday cake in the face! 
21 baby!
cleaning time ..again 


This is how they harvest potatoes here...the people work
all day for 30 soles pay...which is about 10 dollars..they
are such hard workers here!

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