Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5/12/2014 Pictures!!!

Walking down to the Baptism! 

Overlooking where they did the Baptism! So pretty!!
Angie and her Elders! 
Everyone at the Baptism! 
Is this not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?
Such a cool experience! 

Relief Society Activity! 

Where we Skyped from! 
cleaning up at the mission home! 
Love my companion! 
Making milk shakes! 

Monday adventure day at the random Catholic Church
at a nearby town... 
Peek a boo...(: 
That was harder than it looks haha 

Love you guys! 
more team yoga! 
Pulling a cactus out of Elder Hulets leg..ouch! 
Our buddy on the way down to Arequipa! 
Hna Robinson and I at Chilis! 
Best meeting ever!! Chilis!! 
Helping Elder Haskell in the office. 

Elder Hulets one year party! 

Cute ladies in town (:

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