Monday, May 5, 2014

5/5/2014 Email!

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2014 10:37 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley;
Subject: 5 DE MAYO!


First off FELIZ 5 DE MAYO!!! (: someone go eat chips and salsa and some tacos for us(:

Wow what an amazing week!! Probably the best one yet here in Chivay! We finally are starting to see some results of our work and it just motivates us more to work even harder! This week the Lord blessed us with a family of 4 who are so amazing! The parents are going through a hard time but because of that are so much more willing to listen, they have a nine year old son and a 13 year old daughter that both came to church on sunday and loved it, probably because my companion taught primary and he loved singing the songs(we got a good laugh trying to sing the primary songs in spanish, harder than you think(; like when we started singing book of mormon stories to the tune of follow the profet and couldnt figure out why the words didnt match up right hahaha and then their daughter, brenda, was in my class, yes im the new teacher of young womans, and i love it. We are all going to start working on our personal progress and are going to have mutual as well! We also had Hna Asunta come to church, she and her husband are just waiting for some documents so that they can get married and baptized, they have 3 daughters who are already members and can i just tell you how much i love that little family?? from the pictures you can see that thier home is just one room.. but they are the happiest little family ever, i want so badly for the parents to be able to be baptized so they can work their way to becoming a forever family. side note, at the family home evening we finally got to try the dreaded black chuno.. the wierd old potatoe things.. and ... i love it!! haha i must just really like potatoes because everyone hates it. We had a pretty sad experience this week.. we were knocking doors on this little back road and found the cutest little dog that i was playing with and petting ( which is an everyday thing here, people call me the dog woman.. not really but they should. (: ) and then out of nowhere it started having a siezure for like 5 minutes as i pet it and tried to calm it down and then it died.. :( saddest day ever!! i was crying trying to get someone around us to help, some ladies came out and were talking in ketchua(the other language here that were trying to pick up.. so hard) and then she told her son not to come near us or we would curse him like we did the dog... awkward haha when we told our mission president he told us that we should of told her that if she didnt come to church we would do the same to her... of course he was joking but either way kind of funny. theres my sad story. 

so the branch here is growing!! this sunday we started sacrament meeting with one investigator and 4 of the 6 missionaries.. but by the end had the highest assistance yet, 29 people!! IT was awesome, we had all the different classes and i got to teach the lesson in young womans about the spirit which was so awesome! we got semenary started and were going to start mutual too! anyways were really excited that things are progressing here and just want to keep working our tails off!! 

did i mention how much i love it here?? the people are so amazing and loving and i just love this work!! keep us in your prayers and also our investigators and the little branch here in chivay! heres some scriptures for you all to read!! love and miss you and cant wait to see you on sunday!!!! (: be good (:

John 14:26-27

D&C 98:3, 9:7-9, 6:14-16,23  8:2-3, 11:12-14

con mucho amor!! 

Hermana Weller! (:

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