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2/10/14 Email!

From: Camille Weller [mailto:camille.weller@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 9:35 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley;
Subject: 21 IN PERU(:


what a crazy long, amazing week!!!.. hey im 21!!! whooooooo!! ive got to say that this week and my birthday was probably the best ive had yet! I wish i could have spent it with my family and friends but i truly felt like i had my family here and felt the love of all those around me! 

Tuesday we found out that our district leader and our zone leader were both getting emergency transfered to become zone leader and asistent to the president... it was so sad, they were both the 2 that me and my companion looked up to the most but hey, i guess they were needed somewhere else! President came to tell us and to talk to us and afterwards they surprised me with a cake for my birthday which made things a little better(: And of course they did the whole take a little bite.. and then they shove the cake in your face.. gotta love peru(: After that we had divisions with our sister training leaders and i got to stay in my area with hna robinson, we had such a fun, spiritual day and i loved learning from her and learning what i can  improve on! We ended the day with the Gameros family, a family that one of the sons is a member but the rest of the family no... not yet(: they seriously treat us like family, when we got there they had made all sorts of snacks and cake and they sang to me and everything.. i just love them and hope they will accept the gospel into their family soon(: 

Wednesday... BIRTHDAY DAYYYYY i woke up and got to open a card and present hna jacobson sent me... love and miss her so much!! and then we went to meet at the church to end divisions and meet with the elders to go to the service project.. my companion had made a happy birthday sign.. so cute(: then we went to the property of hna marilyn to help her paint and move some rocks! It was a ton of fun and of course i got to have my birthday celebrated the peruvian way... getting eggs smashed on your head and then flour dumped on you.. hahaha but i love it and we all had such a fun time helping her!  then after we went home and showered out all of the egg shells... we went to visit a less active who made us a yummy dinner, then we went and visited antonio, one of our investigators who had bought pop and cake for us, then we went again to the Gameros family who gave us ice cream and candy  then when we got home my companion and our pensionista had planned a big surprise birthday party with the ward and our investigators without me knowing! It was so cute!!! now can you see why i felt so loved?? i have the best companion and ward and friends here in Graficos and they made my birthday so great!! I dont think ill ever forget my 21st birthday her in peru, serving my savior and the prople here in Arequipa(:

Thursday we got good and bad news.. Nancy and her 2 daughters told us they wanted to wait until march to get baptized so their grandparents could be here.. BUT we met with Jaquelyn, who we met on sunday and she told us she wanted to be baptized... that saturday.. (: Her twin and her moved her a couple weeks ago but had been assisting in another city for about 5 months, her twin was baptized before they moved but she wanted to wait til they got her.. what i miracle! Also the mom of Fabricio finally let us in her house to teach her!!! were excited about that(:

Friday we got to help our pensionista Hna Debbie go to the market and buy the food for this month.. that place reminded me that im in peru(: they sell fruit and vegetables in huge boxes and there is sooo much!!!! ill have to take a picture one day! But yeah, we are eating gourmet here, she is such a good cook and knows what we as missionaries like because she was in our shoes,, so no more worrying about food(: now were going to start worrying about me getting fat(: haha

Saturday we had Fernandos baptism! It went really good even though there was hardly anyone there, and his testimony was so good!!! 

Sunday we ended up having Jaquelyns baptism because her mom could only be in town that day but it was awesome!!! we had a ton of the ward there and yeah, it was perfect! (: Then we met with Nancy and her family and they said they didnt want to wait until march.. they want to be baptized this saturday.. but theres just one problem.. we found out their not married.. .so guess what.. im planning another wedding!!!! YAAYYY(: no im actually really excited to help them! were going today to look into everything they need to see if its possible to do it this week or the next! So as you can see were FULL with work here in Graficos and we love it! (: Although at the begining of the week i was feeling way overwhelmed with all the things we have to do.. hna robinson helped me so much and she shared this scripture that i wanted to share with you all..
14 And I will also ease the aburdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand asbwitnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their cafflictions.

 15 And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord didastrengthen them that they could bear up their bburdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with cpatience to all the will of the Lord.

 16 And it came to pass that so great was their faith and their patience that the voice of the Lord came unto them again, saying: Be of good comfort, for on the morrow I will deliver you out of bondage.

I kept telling myself when this week is over well get a little break.. or when this transfer ends ill get to rest a bit or when i finish my mission life will be easier or when im married ill be able to relax.. but i know that thats not true. We will always have something to be doing or be worried about. we will always have challenges and difficulties that we have to overcome.. we will be tried and tested and tried and tested all throughout our lives to show our faith and confidence in the Lord. THe only way we can feel peace and comfort no matter what comes our way is if we give our burdons to the Savior.. Let him take them from us.. he has already paid the debt.. all we have to do is turn to him... "submit cheerfully and with patience to ALL the will of the Lord. " The only one who can help us when we feel overwhelmed or discouraged is our Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Turn to him.. Let him help you and be "patient in thy afflictions" He loves us and wants us to be happy and at peace(: heres some parts from the talk " iwill not fail thee, nor forsake thee" by president Thomas S Monson
The history of the Church in this, the dispensation of the fulness of times, is replete with the experiences of those who have struggled and yet who have remained steadfast and of good cheer. The reason? They have made the gospel of Jesus Christ the center of their lives. This is what will pull us through whatever comes our way. We will still experience difficult challenges, but we will be able to face them, to meet them head-on, and to emerge victorious.From the bed of pain, from the pillow wet with tears, we are lifted heavenward by that divine assurance and precious promise: “I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”7 Such comfort is priceless.

We know that there are times when we will experience heartbreaking sorrow, when we will grieve, and when we may be tested to our limits. However, such difficulties allow us to change for the better, to rebuild our lives in the way our Heavenly Father teaches us, and to become something different from what we were—better than we were, more understanding than we were, more empathetic than we were, with stronger testimonies than we had before.
This should be our purpose—to persevere and endure, yes, but also to become more spiritually refined as we make our way through sunshine and sorrow. Were it not for challenges to overcome and problems to solve, we would remain much as we are, with little or no progress toward our goal of eternal life. The poet expressed much the same thought in these words:
Good timber does not grow with ease,

The stronger wind, the stronger trees.

The further sky, the greater length.

The more the storm, the more the strength.

By sun and cold, by rain and snow,

In trees and men good timbers grow.8

Only the Master knows the depths of our trials, our pain, and our suffering. He alone offers us eternal peace in times of adversity. He alone touches our tortured souls with His comforting words:“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”9Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, He is with us. He has promised that this will never change.My brothers and sisters, may we have a commitment to our Heavenly Father that does not ebb and flow with the years or the crises of our lives. We should not need to experience difficulties for us to remember Him, and we should not be driven to humility before giving Him our faith and trust.May we ever strive to be close to our Heavenly Father. To do so, we must pray to Him and listen to Him every day. We truly need Him every hour, whether they be hours of sunshine or of rain. May His promise ever be our watchword: “I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”10With all the strength of my soul, I testify that God lives and loves us, that His Only Begotten Son lived and died for us, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is that penetrating light which shines through the darkness of our lives. 

 Love you all so much!! thank you for all of the birthday wishes and for all of your prayers!! HAppy valentines day on Friday for all of you lovers!! Also happy Bday on Saturday Jacy! someone smash an egg on her head for me(: 
Que Tengan una semana Marvillosaaaaaaa(:

Hermana Weller(:

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