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12/23/2013 Email

From: Camille Weller [mailto:camille.weller@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2013 9:43 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley;



hola mi familia!!!! no puedo creer que podemos hablar el miercoles!!!! estoy tan animada!!!!!(:

Well let me tell you about my week(: monday we got to go sit in the serpost(post office place) here alllllllllllll day for our packages, but hey it was worth it!!! i got the big one from mom(: i love you mom. and the dear elder one from yvonne!! thank you!!! (: then we ate at mcdonalds again...(: Tuesday we had our mission chrsitmas dinner with a third of the mission and we did our skit that was hilllararriiioouuussss when i get home i will show you the videeooo(: it was soo much fun and we got fed an amazing turkey dinner with stuffing and watermelon and a bunch of yummy stuff!!

This week was really amazing. We have been working hard and have 3 people who are progressing sooo good!!! they all have baptismal dates for january and we are so excited for them!!! Friday we had a talent show with our ward and it was sooo funny. mostly because it was just like one we would have in the states, the primary sang songs, the relief society did a nice little dance and the youth did a funny skit, it was great!! Well as far as this week goes weve got plans up the wazzooo!! for christmas eve (noche bueno as they call it here) were going to have a big dinner at about 10 at night and then we have hot chocolate and panaton(fruit cake) and then at midnight everyone does fireworks!! then on christmas were just going to visit some families of the ward annddd of course talk to our families!!!(: I am loving the christmas spirit and even though there isnt snow i still feel like its christmas time here!!!(:

The Best part is that i get to be out sharing my testimony of the lord jesus christ during this christmas season to celebrate his birth. I love my savior with all my heart. i know he lives, and loves us, and i know that he is always willing to help us. He is the Son of God and paid the price so that each one of us can return to the presence of our heavenly father. The church is true. This is the church of Jesus Christ, and i look forward to spending this christmas telling people of these truths <3 

i hope each and everyone of you, wherever you may be, has a very merry christmas and that you each take a moment to thank your heavenly father for sending his son to this earth!!!



Con mucho amor y respeto!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!! (:

Hermana Weller(:

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