Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12/23/2013 Email to Mama!

I d ont usually share our personal emails but She does miss me like I miss her....It was good to hear, so I wanted to share what she emailed me after I told her how much I was missing her:

okay sounds perfect(; i know i should write you and tell you that everythings all good and bubbly and that i dont miss you guys at all but thats a lie... this week was hard for me and my companion.. we both miss our families so much. i miss you all so much and am greatfull we get to see eachother wednesday.. but sometimes i just want to call my mommy and talk to her or run all the way home. i know im supposed to be  here and im doing the right thing but it doesnt make it any easier to be away from all of you for the holidays for the first time in my life.... wow we both suck at this whole mission  be strong thing(; hahahha love you mom. 

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