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12/16/2013 Email

From: Camille Weller [mailto:camille.weller@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2013 9:36 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley

Mi quierida familia y amigos(:

First off i just want to say i love all of you and hope you are all having the best christmas season ever! (:

Well monday was super fun we went to the plaza de armas which is one of the big tourists sites and got to look in all the suvenier shops and such! it was a ton of fun, plus we got to eat at mcdonalds!!! yes... mcdonalds!!! This area is heaven....(: Then we had a noche de hogar(family home evening) with laskmy and her family, her mom is doing super good(the one that were hoping will get baptized this month) we all set goals and she told us her goal is to read the book of mormon! Such a big change from before when she didnt want to give permision for her daughter to get baptized, the gospel is true and Heavenly father can soften anyones heart when its the right time(:

Tuesday we had district meeting and i had to give the hour and a half lesson... i was a little nervous but it all went well! i had each person write why they chose to serve a mission, why they chose to stay on their mission, and what they want to do before they end their mission. It was different than the normal lessons we had but we had a really spiritual meeting and i think they liked it(: Then we had lunch with the bishop and his wife who are amaaazzinnnngg!! Thier both return missionaries and talked to us about how much missions will help you get through trials in life. loveeeed it. then that night we had english class and only one person came... hey better luck next week(:

Wednesday we had our monthly meeting with the zone leaders so they can give us the scoop on what happened at the mission leaders council they had. We found out we will be getting 2 hours to email now, the second hour is so that we can keep in touch with our converts better in the mission, which is awesome!! Also our weekly goal numbers got lowered and we are changing the mission to focus more on the people and not on the numbers! also we have a new goal each month. Its called recatados and its when a person is in active for 3 months and comes back, they have to come to church 2 times, get the missionary lessons, and an interview with the bishop.  Its been amazing to see the work growing with less actives here!! were loving it because usually when we visit a less active we find people who arent members! 

thursday we had weekly planning and they told us that we needed to come up with a skit or song for the christmas dinner we have tuesday(tomorrow) so we came up with a great idea for a game show skit... any ways lets just say were the only sisters and we had to do everthing this week for it so its ready... but it will be awesome!! ill send pics after we actually do it! (:

Saturday we got to go to the mission office and help Hermana Zobrist put together folders, it was a ton of fun and having our area be where the president lives definately has its benefits!! plus we got to go to lunch at a pasta place and i ate THE bESt lasagna ive ever had.. yummm!!(: 

The sad thing is that they told us that elder herrera(one of my best friends while i was in moquegua) has to go home imediately because they found out there is something wrong with his spinal cord and needs surgery as soon as possible. So sad. It was an eye opener for both of us that we need to be greatfull for every day we have in the mission because you never know what can happen. 

Sunday was awesome. WE had investigators at church and we finally got a mission leader called!! yyaahhoooo(: it was a good day!! 

So a little more about my area, most of it is middle class, not too fancy but not super poor, and then theres one street thats in our area (where the president lives) that is supppeerrr niicceee. There are like three 5 star hotels on that road and a ton of huge houses.. sometimes i feel like im in beverly hills... haha seriously. Its not really dangerous but at this time of year there are a lot of drunks in the streets... at all times of the day.. and being two greengas doesnt really help us. haha but we havent had any problems, just some stuff yelled at us that we dont understand(: We also have a new rule because we are two north americans together to be at home at 8. So you have nothing to worry about(: The rain is supposed to start any day now.. and everyone always tells us that its more like waterfalls and rivers than like rain.. so were pretty stoked(: haha 

Well thats about all i have for you this week!! still love my companion and my area i feel so blessed to be here and to be working with the people we have!! THe church is true and i know that the Lord knows who he wants in his church!! I love this work and my Savior and hope that all of you are doing missionary work at home!!

SE que la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es la iglesia de jesucristo y es verdadero. Jesucristo vive y nos ama. Siempre esta listo para ayudarnos en cualquier cosa que necesitamos. Tambien se que la expiacion es real. Y si usamos cada dia vamos a ser mas felizes y recibir mas benditiones. 



Hermana Weller<3

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