Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/2013 Transfer Email!

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, December 02, 2013 12:47 PM
To: Melissa Wheatley;


What a week!!! I cant believe its december already!! where does the time go?? Well lets get to business here(:

Thursday we had thanksgiving dinner as a zone and even got to have pie!! but my favorite part was that we all went around and said what we were thankfull for, at first the elders were all being babies and didnt want to do it but then they ended up being the ones who cried haha gotta love those elders. I felt like i was at home, i missed you all like crazy and hope you all had a good turkey day!! ohh and we didnt eat turkey... we ate chicken.. SURPRISE (: haha im never eating rice, chicken or potatoes when i get home, let that be known(:

Well we found out on wednesday that Hna Diaz would be leaving to mexico saturday night. It was super sad because she had to leave before the wedding and had done so much for it but hey thats life. They gave me the option to go with her that day or to wait until sunday to go to Arequipa, so i knew i was getting transfered i just didnt know where. We were so busy all week with doing pretty much everything for the wedding and trying to say goodbye and get packed, i dont think i slept at all!! haha But the good thing is that everything went perfect. Maria and Luis got married and baptized on saturday and it was probably one of the best, most stressfull and spiritual day of my mission thus far but it was worth it!! The ward was great and i think the wedding seriously couldnt have gone better.. the church is true(;

 Their family is so amazing and have their sights set on the temple in one year!!! I seriously dont think there could be a better last week in an area than the one i had. I am leaivng  my first area of 6 months very content and happy. I got to say goodbye to everyone and Even though it was so hard to say goodbye especially to my zone, our converts and to the familia Nina i know that ill see them all again one day!! I just have to pray for all of them and keep working hard!!(: 

Well im now in Selva Alegre in  the area called Graficos and im with Hna Jacobson!! SHES A GREENGA(: im stoked!! Its going to be an adventure together here! our area is in Arequipa and the mission home is in our area so we get to visit the mission president and his wife often and help them out when we can, how cool is that?? We live with the stake patriarch and his wife and were going to pension there too!! The area here seems soooo nice and modern, im excited for that!! It rained when i got here and they say that the rain here at this time is crazy!! but i love the rain and was hoping i would come here so its all good!!!! i just might have to buy me some boots(: 

Well my dears, i love you all and i hope everyone is happy and doing good!!! Get ready for Christmas and have a good week!! ill have more details about everything here next week!! (:



Hermana Weller (: 

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