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9/3/2013 Email

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From: Camille Weller <>
Date: September 2, 2013, 10:57:25 AM MDT
To: Melissa Wheatley <>

So heres my week for you.... (:

monday we played soccer as a zone... i  thought i would have some fun and actually play soccer, and i actually killed, who knew i was actually good at soccer, must be all the time here in south america haha i also did some tubling, the only problem with all that is i couldnt walk for a good two days.... haha

tuesday.. 5 months!!!!!!!! And por fin(finally) we met some good people that we are excited to teach!! We taught hna Reina, one of our strong investigators who at first didnt want to be baptized without her husband but now decided to do it and to be an example for him!!! Then we met with Lino, our recent convert and he is just amazing.. he told us he wants a calling in the church and wants to help out with whatever he can, love it!! Then when we were contacting we ran into a girl we´ve been trying to meet with for a while but she always says shes busy and she told us she is going to come to church with one of her friends that invited her...SANDRA our other recent convert!! That is probably my favorite thing so far, watching these new members grow and share the gospel!! (:

wednesday was awesome, we had a ton of lessons and we met a cute little family, Ciro whose 14 and his mom Maria. Ciro wants to be baptized so bad!! We left the lesson in shock because we are actually finding golden people!! must be all the prayers coming from utah(:

Thursday we had weekly planning and then visited hna Reina again.. Shes amazing. haha then we pretty much got rejected.. hard.. the rest of the night, but the fight goes on(:

friday was a spiritual draining day... first we met with a girl who was very clear that she was catholic.. but we taught the restauration anyways and she ended up telling us that she knew it was all true but her family would basically disown her if she changed religion... i really hope we can help her and her family!! Then... we ate LIVER for lunch... yuck.. that i did not like. hahah

Saturday hna reina had her interview for her baptism and all went well so we are set for this next saturday!!!! The elders had a baptism and maria and ciro came and loved it!!

Sunday was such a good day, hna sandra(my first convert here)s husband came to church with her for the first time!!! which is a miracle!! Then maria and ciro came too, and also Hno Edson (hna sandras brother that was baptized) blessed the sacrament!! i was seriously in tears!! it is the best feeling to watch your converts grow and progress in the gospel!! The freaking zone leaders played a joke on us that i had a transfer to tacna and had to leave in an hour.. they had us going for a good ten minutes.. freaking elders.. haha i realized how much im going to miss moquegua and hermana herrera!!! i hope that nothing changes this next week but we´ll see!!! also while we were outside on our deck three harleys drove by playing the same music that grandpa always plays... i started crying and had to explain to my companion why haha

i miss you all so much and hope all of you are happy!! you are always in my preayers and i can feel your prayers too!!!


i know this church is true and love sharing it!!!!!!


Hermana Weller!!! (:

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