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8/26/13 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 9:55 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: Familiaaaaaa(:


Another week in Peru!! Tomorrow is my 5 month mark... mas loco!! i cant believe that.. i am seriously in love with peru and my mission!!! i learned so much this week and want to share a small portion of it with you(: First off with most of our investigators their excuse is work.. or school .. or other reasons why they dont have time to listen or to come to church.. my favorite question to ask them is, In what place is God in your life?? third... fourth.. and with the things that are ahead of him... who can help you have more success in those things.. in your job, in your studies, in your family.. When we put God in first place in our lives we will recieve more blessings in the other parts of our lives, i know that is true and love asking myself that every morning!! Next, this week i learned a big lesson about the atonement... we can believe in the atonement.. go through all the steps of the repentence process and still not be completely done... for the atonement to be complete we have to forgive ourselves and move on. If we dont the whole thing is useless, take care of what needs to be taken care of, promise to never do it again and forget about it, let it go!(:

I cant begin to explain how much i love this experience.. and how much i learn everyday. Here in peru is starting to feel like my real world..and home feels like a dream.. This is my new life and well... i love it!!(; 


Our area is realllllly hard right now, we had a baptism this week which pretty much was the end of our investigator pool... we talk to so many people and do our best to find new people to teach but it just doesnt seem to be working. BUT we dont ever let it get us down. In the conference we had this week we learned that numbers or baptisms dont define a succesful missionary.. the only way to define it is at the end of the day, if you feel like you did your all, you tried your hardest.. then it was a successful day! i know there are people here in Moquegua that are ready for us.. we just have to be patient and go out and find them(: but prayers for our area would be greatly appreciated!! The power of prayer is incredible!!!! Even from a different country(:


Tuesday we had a really cool thing happen, we were in a lesson with a lady who was very knowledged of the bible and we were talking about how the gospel will be preached in the spirit world.. she did not agree and so we tried over and over to explain the concept to her.. finally she said show me! show me in the bible where it says that.... me and my companion looked at eachother and both could not think of a scripture to save our lives... she opened her bible to start to look and BAM there was the scripture that we were both thinking of! There are so many cool things like this that happen in the mission but this is just one example of how we are never alone as missionaries,  that the spirit will always help us! (:


Wednesday we had a conference in ilo and now i understand why everyone wants to go to that area... its like a scene from a movie!! its a beach and no matter where you are in the city you can see the coast! its amazing!! The conference was amazing and we all came back refreshed and ready to work hard!! The president and his wife seem to be adjusting! i met a new sister from washington that has been here for a month... and realized how far my spanish has come! haha poor girl, those first couple weeks are rough! but there is hope, it gets a million times better!!(:


Friday we had the baptism of Hno Lino!!! HE is amazing!!!!! We have been teaching him forrrreevveerrrr and finally a couple weeks ago he said.. i want to be baptized.. what do i need to do?? before that he hadnt been to church or anything but after that day he came to church and then por fin he was baptized!! He is such a good example of humility and seriously when we were listening to his testimony both my companion and me were thinking that he will be a leader in the church one day!!


Sunday we didnt have any investigators at church but all of our converts but one were at church so we were happy (: also we sang a special musical number that night at a stake primary meeting..... there must be a thing called the "gift of music" in the mission. or maybe i still suck. who knows haha


Anyways i hope all is well at home and that everyone is loving school and all the fun it brings!!! i miss you all so much and hope that you are all happy!!! Your always in my prayers!! 

P.S hows the book of mormon reading coming?? (:


Con Muchisimo AMOR(:

Hermana Weller!

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