Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/2013 Email!

From: Camille Weller <>
Date: Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 11:41 AM
Subject: 6 months down!!!! one year to go!
To: Melissa Wheatley <>

hola mi familia!!! Tuve una semana muy loca!! (:

okay first off monday my companion had to leave and go to Tacna to stay with a sister whose companion went to arequipa for medical stuff, She left with one of the other sisters who is in moquegua because she had to go to arequipa for medical reasons also so her companion ( hna Huamanchumo and i stayed together in moquegua! We worked in my area for a couple days and then were going to go to her area but decided that it would be better if we both found temperals to stay with us, she was awesome though, i loved working with her, we both have about the same time in the mission and i learned so much from her!  Thursday we had a zone conference with the president and the assistants. The talked about unity with our companions(kinda hard when i dont have a companion (:) and also about patience.. which i can always improve on (: one of the scriptures they used was romans 5:3 and i love it! go read it right now(:  After the conference we all had interviews and while i waited i talked with the assistants and they kept making jokes that ive spent way to much time in moquegua and that i need to get out of there. Its funny because no one wants to come here, but i dont want to leave (: After that i was with my temp all weekend, it was different because i had to do everything and had to teach all the lessons on my own but we made it work(: We still worked our butts off and had a good week! Saturday night we went to visit Ciro and plan his baptism for the next saturday, He told us that he wanted to do it sunday morning because his dad that lives in cuzco was only going to be there until tuesday.. this was at about 7 saturday night so after we left his house we had to run around and get everything ready for the baptism at 7 in the morning sundy before church! But it was soooo worth it! (: His mom and dad both were there, and a bunch of the young men and woman came too! The ward here is so great and so supportive! He got confirmed that day too and told me that he felt diferent and wants to try harder to be better. Him and all the young people here are always surprising me! It must be true that Heavenly father saved his chosen generation for this time! i know this is true especially when i think about my brother and cousins that are at home, preparing for missions and being examples to their friends! 

Sunday night at about 10 the zone leaders called me and told me that i needed to go with them to arequipa at 4 in the morning! Hna Huomanchumo had to go for a leadership meeting and that president said to bring me too so i didnt have to be in moquegua without another sister! so we got on a bus at 4 in the morning and here i am at the mission home! Were staying here until wednesday i think and im definately not going to complain(: I love spending time with the president and his wife, theyre both so awesome! The problem is the two sisters that are here for medical stuff have to stay for at least 15 more days for therapy soooooo the president is doing transfers and changes and im not really sure whats going to happen! Everythings kinda up in the air! Ohh yeah did i mention i passed the 6 month mark!! Whoooo one year left and so much work to do!! (: i am sad at how fast time is going by.. as much as i miss everyone at home i love this work and this gospel and cannot describe the happiness that comes from sharing this amazing gospel!! Do not ever let anything be more important than your obedience and relationship with our heavenly father! Pray always and remember that we can always ask for help! i know that heavenly father answers prayers and that he is always listening. Love you all!!! No olviden que dios nos ama y que somos hijos del rey!!! cuidense mucho!! 

Con muchisimo Amor,

Hermana Weller(:


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