Monday, September 30, 2013

9/23/13 Email!

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 9:51 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: 6 months on friday!! (:


Holy cow!! time flies!! i cant believe its been 6 months... one more year to go(: and so much work to do!! This week was crazy i have so much to tell you all!!

First off i killed a duck.... i choppped its head off!! haha who am i ?? the first time they killed the ducks i cried!! and this time i did it hahaha it was quite the experience.. my moms going to kill me though(: dont worry mom the duck didnt suffer at all (: 

The baptism of Ciro fell through because his dad is going to come here the first week in october and he wants him to be there. at first we were upset but the more we thought about it its probably better! His whole family will be there and we hoping they will all feel the spirit and want to be baptized too(:

We had a really cool experience on monday. We were teaching in a store and the grandma of the hno that we were teaching came out and started yelling at us, we were waiting while the hno was helping a customer and a man came into the story, the gma asked him "and what religion are  you? this girls are teacing my grandson that there isnt a god and that he should believe in thier bible... etc" and to our surprise he started to defend us and told her that we were representatives of jesus christ and that we believe in god and the bible and that we have a prophet and all sorts of things, turns out that he is a member that has been inactive for years and years. It could have easily been someone of another religion, especially catholic, but it was him that walked in at that moment. I knew that heavenly father was watching out for us and that we are not doing this work alone, hes always here to help us. 

We had a bunch of events this week, Hna Diazs Bday, we went to lunch with the president and his wife because they were passing through, but it was just the four sisters and them, it was awesome! Our numbers or our work these past couple weeks has been killer!! All the elders always joke that they have to try to keep up with us. It feels good to be working hard and to be doing our best. Were not perfect but we are trying to be better(:

Sunday we talked in sacrament and the power was out.. haha so i had to talk super loud the whole time. AT the end of my talk i accidently hit the microphone and it made a noise, then in front of everyone i asked if it had been on the whole time and then we all laughed. Good times here in moquegua. I love it here. Its turning into summer here so its getting hotter but I seriously feel like this is my home. The most time that i can stay here i will take it! I love my mission, i cant wait to experience more and learn and grow in the next year. You all will never know how much your emails and letters mean to me! I hope that all of you are working hard to better your relationship with our Heavenly Father and to progress in the gospel, theres nothing better or more important!! I love you all!!!


Con mucho mucho amor!!!!!!!!

Hermana Weller( matadora(: patos..(:

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