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8/11/2014 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 1:57 PM
To: Melissa Wheatley;
Subject: The last transfer has begun!

 Family and Friends!! (:

 Well this week was the fastest, craziest week of my mission. We were pretty much in Arequipa the whole week so we didn’t have much time here in Chivay but we made it work (:

Monday we had Noche De Hogar with our cute favorite old couple from the ward, They´re the best. We taught about prayer and played games, hot potato being the favorite haha, Those are probably some of my favorite memories, these members just love each other so much and we all have so much fun together. And I’ve got a ton of great videos to show you all when I get back! Side note the sweet Hermana Cecilia tried to make us tea… and then coffee and then stopped and said “wait we don’t drink those do we?” haha bless her heart.

Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting! We made a ton of plans to help the branch in these last couple weeks that were here, then we went out and visited a bunch of members and talked to the Relief Society president about all of our goals and plans and all three of us were really excited. I think it’s hard on all of us when we haven’t seen a huge change in the branch over the past few months, but I think we all felt that everything will happen in the Lords time and that our job is to keep fighting and working and leave the rest in His hands. That all of the little steps forward that we´ve made will one day turn into leaps.  

Wednesday we went to Arequipa and we got to have dinner and just talk and play some games with our mission president and his wife, They´re the best. They do so much for all of us and still have time to just sit and talk and make us feel like their kids. Then all the missionaries who were going home that week came and we all talked and played games for a while.

Thursday we had a 7 hour training, (i went so that I don’t have to go when moms here (: ) and it was all about goals and careers and studying and families and basically the trunkiest training ever. But at the same time it was really spiritual and I learned a ton! That night we had a BBQ and had the yummiest steak and chicken ever. Then I got to go to the big last testimony meeting that they have for everyone that was leaving. I felt very lucky to be able to sit in and listen to all of their amazing testimonies and feel the power of the spirit. It amazes me how strong all of their words were and to hear how much each of them loved their mission and were sad to go. I have no doubt that they’ll all go on to do amazing things.  

Friday we all went to the airport to see all the ones that were leaving off. It was so surreal to be there and to realize how fast that day comes. Time goes by too fast.

Sunday was Elder Hulets last Sunday here in chivay.. sad day. We had a little goodbye party and made pizza with all the members. They all love him so much and it’s going to be hard for them to not have him as the branch president. On the other hand I think Elder Boyd is going to do great!

So today we get a new elder up here, he’s Latin… and that’s about all we know. It will be good for all of us to start speaking more Spanish again. Haha This is my last transfer here in the mission… blows my mind! And this week will be my last full week here in chivay… Next week me and Hermana stone will be traveling and doing sister conferences with Hermana Zobrist and President and then the next week we have a mission conference with Elder Anderson! Which were all super excited about and that day Hermana Stone heads home… which I’m not excited about… haha Then I have my last two weeks of my mission somewhere else, which I know nothing about yet, but where ever it is, is where God needs me! Listening to all of the people leaving made me realize how grateful I am to still have more time left here. I feel like there is still a lot for me to do and a lot more for me to learn. . I’m excited for the time that I get to still be here in Peru! If I can go home with half of the testimony of those missionaries then I would be set. It is crazy how much us young people learn during this time. I know that my mission has taught me more about the importance of the Gospel and has brought me closer to my Savior than any other time in my life. The Church is true. And missionary work is the most important thing we can do during our time here in this life. I believe that even when we don’t have a missionary tag, that helping others come closer and learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ will teach us more than any other thing we could be doing. It will help us to learn more about Him as and to feel closer to him as we bring others unto His Gospel.  Please, please, please… do not underestimate your role in Hastening the Work. Every Member has the responsibility to share what we know and to help those around us! I promise you that doing so will bring you more joy than you can imagine.  Love you all!!

Hermana Weller

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