Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11/14 Pictures!

Lunch that we made!! I guess I am learning something
about cooking...(: 
Twins, love her!! 
Back to Graficos!! My favorite little store! 
Saying goodbye to Elder maylett!

back again to the streets of Graficos, where both
of us had served!  
Capilla in Graficos!
Card games, alllll night! 
Pajama time! 
Saying goodbye to the Elders who are
headed home! 

Companionship love. 
some cool pictures of the beautiful volcano Misti
and my favorite city of Arequipa, Peru! 

Just wanted to say how much I love and
appreciate our mission President! He is the best,
and is like a dad to all of us. After all that he has to do
and putup with he still has time to just chat with us.
We love you President Zobrist!

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