Friday, August 1, 2014

7/21/2014 Email!

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2014 11:50 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley;
Subject: Dancing queens!

 Hello Friends and Familiaaaa (:

well this one might be short and sweet! this week guessed it.. amazing (: monday we did a christmas pday...thats what you do in chivay when theres nothing to do on pday..haha then we had an awesome FHE at Asunta and Santos house which is one room, but that just made it more fun! Our district meeting was so awesome on tuesday, we talked about humility and christlike attributes, it was so cool because all of us have such a desire to change and be better as missionaries.i love my district. This week we also did a district fast and i could truly feel the help of my Savior more than ever.. fasting works. Friday we had a cool talent show that turned into the relief society dancing (us included) in the polleras, or traditional dresses... which mind you are REEAALLLYY tight. i think you can see the effects of that in some of the pictures haha and elder hulet sang and played the thats our branch talent show for ya (: This week weve also been helping Bobby....brendas dog get better... haha anyone who knows me knows that i have a special place for the peruvian dogs.. i have to help her mom give him medicine and such.. its quite the adventure.(: We started mission prep and two young men are planning on leaving this year which is a huge deal for the branch!! On tuesday we gave the relief society president a temple recommend holder and talked about the temple. she is so excited to work to get there and she even gave a cool lesson sunday about temples and got all the woman excited too! We played a prank on the elders this week and told them we would make them lunch... along with the yummmy arroz choufa we pretended to make them alpaca head soup....a common dish here in chivay...and the looks on their faces were priceless....then we ended up giving the head and legs to a member so they could actually cook and eat it..haha que rico.  We have met so many amazing people this week! starting off with alejandro, who is living in chivay for the next six months..he and his wife are both returned missionaries and are sealed in the temple! hes going to be such a great example to the men here in chivay and they need it. Then we have four great new investigators who are all listening and learning more. ill have to give more details next week (:

Well thats all for today folks (: the work here is moving along great! Sunday is my 16th month mark...where did this month go??? Ohhhh and i just have to say that i feel that i have the best companion in the world. She is such a good example and teaches me so much.I dont think i could be with anyone else 24/7 for 4months and not once get even close to a disagreement. Shes so patient and kind to me even when i get frusterated or down.Even though she may only be with me for a couple more weeks i know we´ll be friends for ever.. wow that sounds cheesy but i mean it (: 

ohh and one more thing, i gave a talk in sunday about being gratefull and used uchtdorfs talk...its attatched, read it.and be a greatful person(:

love you all!!!(:

Hermana Weller

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