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1/20/2014 Email

From: Camille Weller [mailto:camille.weller@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 9:47 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley;
Subject: Faith(:

This week was probably the best week thus far of my mission!! Monday night i got to stay in the mission home with the other Hermanas who are going to train, we had a little bit of training and then tuesday the newbies came!! They had their training, we ate lunch and then they lined us up.. newbies on one side.. trainers on the other and called us up one by one to meet our new companions.. my companion is Hermana Bazan, She is THE cutest little thing. Shes 21, Shes peruvian but grew up in Ecuador, then studied in Argentina, and then lived in Panama where she was baptized almost 3 years ago. She may be a convert of only 3 years but man that girl has a rock solid testimony. I dont feel like im training her at all! She served as a temporal in panama for a month so she knows a lot of the rules and everything! She has such amazing faith.. We put the goal to have 15 baptisms in this transfer.. 6 weeks. and we truly feel we can do it!! IT is a lot of baptisms.. more than ive had my whole 9 months but i know that if we work hard and are obidient we will be able to do it! It is seriously the best to be working with a new missionary.. they bring such a spirit and so much energy to work hard and serve the Lord and im greatful for the confidence of the President and the Lord to have the oportunity to train her(: 

Bueno.. This week has been quite the adventure.. our pensionista went on vacation for 15 days so we have had to cook... good thing my companions mom was a chef!! haha i have been learning everyday how to cook diferent things from her, i love it. Also we have 4 hours of studies every morning which i thought i would dred but i love it! we have such good study sessions and i love learning more and more each day! 

The work here in Graficos is growing!! we made our ward  mission plan this week and set up a calendar to have lunches with different families from the ward so we can get to know the ward better and also recieve references(; We have lots of work to do if were going to complete our goal and miracles are happening. 

Saturday we had Jaimes baptism, it went perfectly. i love the spirit that is always there during baptisms, i am reafirmed everytime that this is the true church and that baptism is necessary to live with our Heavenly father again. We had lots of support from the ward as well which is always good!

We are still working with the mom and 2 daughters that her son is in the mission. She is seriously amazing.We met with her sunday and were all in tears.. she misses her son so much but also she has such a strong testimony and said she has had to wait because of problems in her family to be baptized.. her and her 2 daughters are going to be baptized the 8th of Febuary!! (best birthday present i could get(: 

We also have Fernando, a neighbor of a member who has come to church 3 times and wants to be baptized this saturday! He is awesome. He has a lot of problems in his family but through it all has such a desire to change his life for the better and follow the example of Jesus Christ. 

We have others that we are working with too but we could use all the prayers we can get! Pray that we can find the people that are ready to change their life, and that we will recieve help from the ward as well(: 

We saw miracles this week but also saw how hard satan is working on families... We met the cutest little family that are sealed in the temple..were very active members who always helped with missionary work and now have been inactive for 7 years... She said that they just quit doing the little things and it led to where they are now.. FAMILIES.. we can not stop doing the little things, Scripture study and family pray.. EVERY DAY. Family home evening.. EVERY WEEK and going to church EVERY SUNDAY. Satan knows that in our families is where we can find the most peace and happiness and support... do not let him trick you in letting these little things seem not important. THere is nothing more important than a family that is centered in the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. 

Sunday we had to talk in sacrament and i decided to talk about obedience.. just one scripture i wanted to share is d&c 132:5 if we want blessings we have to be obedient(: end of story(: 

Also random side note, i read that the number of full time missionaries is now more than 90,000....WHAT!! MISSIONARY POWER!! haha that also means we need more help from the members, so get out there and do some missionary work! Pray for oportunities to share your testimony and pray for the missionaries.. we are praying for you(: 

Love you all!! and i love this work!! my companion has a cd from EFY 2012 and Theres a song called "Give it all to him"  (Sam.. go find it and listen to it(; ) anyways i love a part in it that says "so much that i miss.. but so much that i love here!"

 i love that, i do miss you all but i am so greatful for this oportunity to serve and to be here, i love peru, i love this area and i love my companion and our investigators.. more important is i love my Savior and i love working side by side with him in this work. 




Hermana Weller. (: 

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