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1/13/14 Email!!

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Well familia, today i had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, Hna Jacobson. She is luckily just going to the zone right next to ours and might be able to meet up on p days still but it definately wont be the twenty four hour relationship we had! I have loved this past transfer more than any other in my mission. She taught me so much and will forever be greatful for all the memories we made and the things we learned together!! She is such an amazing missonary and will do amazing in her new area!! We even switched half of our wardrobes.. now thats best friend status!! (: plus i got sick of the same clothes for the past nine months!  Now for the news.. well i have been in the mission for nine months and a couple weeks now so i guess im actually over due... Im having a girl!! haha okay enough with the mission slang, im going to be training a newbie!! I dont know anything about her, not even her name yet, all i know is that shes latin! Im going to the mission home today for some training and then i think they come in tomorrow from the lima MTC. Im excited and nervous but ready for the challenge!! I feel like maybe they made me train because i need to learn all the basics again.. haha anyways this past week was an amazing week!!! we have an investigator who had his baptismal interview on friday and is going to be baptized this saturday!! Also on sunday we had a cute little family come up to us and tell us that their son is on a misson in Chicalayo, he left in november and only the dad is a member, the mom was in tears telling me how bad her and her two daughters want to be baptized, that they promised their son they would be ready to be sealed in the temple when he gets back... it was such a cool moment for me.. I hope that that missionary knows the blessing that his family will recieve for his decision to serve a mission. im also greatful that the lord is letting me be a part of their story. 

Well we had some interesting adventures this week... we heard a mouse in our room one night ( yvonnes going to like this story.. haha) so we tore our whole room apart and didnt find anything, then the next day hna jacobson opened her clothes drawer and out ran a little mouse!! hahaha that night we put out rat poison and the next morning walked out side to a dead mouse infront of our door... GOT HIM. Well thats what we thought... then when we were cleaning up our disatrous room.. guess what we found... yep! another mouse!! looks like they were just having a party in our room and we didnt even know it! and yes,, we will be leaving the poison out just in case any other mice want to mess with these sisters!! haha

Friday and Saturday we had the privlege to have conferences with Elder C. Scott Grow. Friday was with all of the Consejo de barrios (ward councils) of Arequipa and the missionaries too. It was awesome and a good reminder of how we should be working together... its no longer missionary work or the wards work its the WORK OF SALVATION! We need to be working together as missionaries and members of the Church of Jesus Christ. Saturday was just with the missionaries and we talked alot about how we can improve as a mission and things we need to do better. It was a great conference and  i learned a ton!

What i wanted to share this week is the importance of the help of the members in this great and marvilous work.. IT IS CRUCIAL! The members should be the finders and the full time missionaries the teachers! There is no greater feeling than helping someone grow closer to their Savior Jesus Christ. There are people all around us that need what we have... The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all Sons and Daughters of God, and are all Brothers and Sisters, i think if we really think about this truth our desire to serve and share this message with others will grow. This is the True Church. It was restored to this earth through a prophet, Joseph Smith. We have the blessing of another testiment of Jesus Christ, The Book of mormon, which i know is truly the word of God, and i know that anyone who really reads the book and prays with a sincere heart will recieve an answer through the Holy Ghost that the book is true, That Joseph Smith translated it through the power of God. And that It contains the fullness of the Gospel. I know these things are true. With all my heart and Soul, and i wouldnt want to be doing anything else other than looking for people who are ready to accept the gospel and recieve the blessings that are awaiting them. 

If you have wondered from the path, i want you to know that there IS a way back.. no matter how far away you think you are. The Lord will always love you and will always be there to welcome you back with open arms. The atonement is real, you can be forgiven and also recieve the strength to forgive. I love this Gospel, Its true, i know it. (:


Hermana Weller <3

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