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Email 11/18/2013

From: Camille Weller [mailto:camille.weller@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 9:50 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley



hola como estan???? todo bien?? espero que si(: Well my companion went to lima on tuesday to finish her visa papers to go to mexico and they told her she was supposed to leave the 20th but we havent heard anything yet so were hoping she stays at least for the wedding and til the end of transfers which is the 1 of december! But everything is up in the air right now. BUT this probably means that im staying here in MOQUEGUA for another transfer haha it is possible that they´ll transfer me and send two new hermanas here but its doubtfull!!! im hoping i get one more transfer here so i can be with the family here for christmas! I think it would kind of be hard to have christmas with a new family i dont know, but we´ll see!! im okay with anything and know that the lord knows best(: 

Right now they are celebrating the anniversary of moquegua here which is the 25th of this month and since my area is the main part of the city everything is crazy here, theres things going on almost every day, parades, competitions and tons of other stuff that i cant remember.. haha The only downside is that a lot of people are visiting and dont actually live here... made for a kind of rough week but hey we made it(:

Were still working with marvin to actually get him to baptism! hes still doing awesome, he wants to get baptized and everything but he hasnt recieved an answer that this is the true church yet,,, patience patience patience(: Everything with the wedding is still going smooth, its going to be simple but pretty. Shes getting super excited and her family from cuzco is going to come too!! Soo exciting(: 

A quick funny story, friday the bishop called and asked us to talk in church on sunday.... well saturday night at 10:30 when i was saying the prayer to go to bed i said"and please bless that tomorrow we can go to church and listen to the voices of your servents...(awkward silence...) THATS US!!!" hahah we totally forgot!! needless to say we didnt sleep so well and had a busy sunday morning planning our talks. haha i talked about faith and why we are scared to share the gospel with our friends or others? D&C 84:85 and Moroni 10:7 are both good, they talk about how god will help us to know what to say when we need to say it. This is his work. He wants his children to join His church so he can bless them. But he needs us to open our mouths and share what we know!! you dont have to have all the answers to questions they might have.. you just have to have your testimony and the spirit... and the spirit will help' you to know what to say(: I know this is true with all my heart, THe lord will help you to know what to say!! it is our responsibility to share the happiness that we have with everyone we can, so DO IT(: 

I love the mission so much. i love this area, my companion, who has become my best friend and all of my zone! One thing i didnt think about before i left was all the friends i would make DURING the mission!! I cant believe how fast time is going by!! Christmas is just around the corner!!

Well i love you all so much!! i found out you can send videos to me if there small!! do it(: also let me know how everyones doing, keep me updated!!!! love you all more than words can say!!! Be good, Be happy, Be yourself and remember that you are loved!! (: 


Hermana Weller(:

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