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Email 11/04/2013

From: Camille Weller [mailto:camille.weller@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2013 8:58 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: familyyyyyyy(:


Well hello!!!

We had an amazing week here in moquegua! the more time i spend here the longer i want to stay! Were working with marvin still and saw a huge change in him this week! he came to church on sunday and we are planning his baptism for this saturday! He is making some big changes in his life and we are so proud of him!! Thursday we had our "noche de criolla" party with the ward, a sort of halloween party haha it was good! we had lots of games and fun and we dressed up as eachother.. hna diaz as me and me and hna diaz... haha yeah we know were clever(: 

On saturday we went to the cementary with our zone to shine shoes and it was awesome! They had a holliday this last weekend called dia de todos santos where they go put flowers and food on their families graves! So we had a sign and shined shoes for free for a good 3 hours! We talked to so many people and the people there loved it! My favorite part was one lady i talked to who told me that she was greatful for people like us who are willing to give service, that everyone else was just looking to make money or sell something but we were there to help people, by shining their shoes and by giving them a word of hope. Then she said she knew just by our spirit of serviec that we truly were representing the lord. It felt good to give service as a zone! and i knew that one way or another we helped people that day!

This week one of our recent converts Ciro, whose 14 went to the temple with other youth and sunday bore his testimony in sacrament meeting, hna Diaz and i were both in tears, the spirit was so strong. His parents were both there, neither which are members and i know they felt the spirit too.  we met with them later that day and they told us that because of the example of their son they both too would like to be baptized. i think i already told you that we were talking about doing their wedding but  now its set in stone!!  We are planning both their wedding and their baptisms for the 30th of this month! i cant explain how much i love this family, and how great i am to be a part of this big change in their lives. i know this church is true and that people truly are watching us and watching what we do. We have the opportunity to be examples to all of those around us and to help them by our example. We are all sons and daughters of god and are here to help our brothers and sisters return to His presence. i know this church is true and i love this work with all of my heart. i have never been so happy in my life and know that this is where i need to be! I know that sometimes the lord gives us hard times to test our faith, but if we remember His infinite love that he will always have for us we will know that everything will work out. He will never give  us things that are too much to handle, KEEP THE FAITH(: 

Thank you for all the love and support!! i love and miss you all so much and all of your costumes were so cute(: Keep up all of your good works and remember that you are loved(: (:


Chooww choowwww

Hermana Weller(:

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