Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Email 11/11/13

From: Camille Weller <camille.weller@myldsmail.net>
Date: November 11, 2013 at 10:02:35 AM MST
To: melissa conway <wheatley2010@icloud.com>

This week was definately a different one! We had some amazing opportunities to give service and to work with our investigators that are so amazing! My companion was also sick a couple days which made it hard to work as hard as i would have liked to but thats life for you! We truly saw miracles saturday and both of us know it was because we truly did our best to be exactly obedient and work as hard as we could. We are still planning a wedding for Maria and Luis and things are coming together perfectly!! the church is true(: i know that God is helping us in the work here and i know that obedience brings miracles. i love my companion Hna Diaz and we are learning and growing so much together. I would love to stay more time here in moquegua but i know that the lord will put me where he needs me, just know that i have no problem staying another transfer here, even if ive been here for almost 6 months(: 

Monday we got to go to Torata, where theres a little waterfall! it was awesome and a good oportunity to let my adventurous side show again!

Friday we all watched 17 miracles as a zone with our investigators and i remembered when i went and saw it with my aunties,  such a good movie!!

Saturday we got asked to pose for a famous painter from lima!! he was nice enough to let me take a picture of it!! its sweet!! Too bad its like 100 dollars!!

What i most wanted to share with you all is a little comparason i learned of the atonement and grace this week from my zone leader Elder Astle. Think about when a child learns how to play piano, His mom pays the teacher to teach him and the teacher teaches the child. The only thing the child can do is learn and practice, He cant repay the teacher or his mom, the debt is already paid. Its the same with us and with the atonement. Jesus Christ our savior has already paid the debt for us, all we can do it "practice" or learn and grow each day. I was also reading in Enos 1:4-8 when he prays and recieves forgiveness, he asks the lord how it is done and the lord replays because of his faith. The atonement cannot have effect if we dont believe in it, if we dont truly believe that our savior can take away our sins. BELIEVE!!! The atonement is real and is the greatest gift our heavenly father has given us!! Dont Forget that!!(: i love you all and think about you erry day!! hope all is well and that you are all fighting the good fight and keeping the faith!! over and out from moquegua!!


Hermana Weller!!!(:

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