Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7/8/2013 Email

From: Camille Weller <>
Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Subject: (:
To: Melissa Wheatley <>

hola familia!!!!!

First off i hope the cabin was tons of fun! ohhh wait.. i was there(; also felicidades on the engagement chris!! im so happy for you two!!!(: whens the date?? This week was really fun, monday we hiked to the statue of Christ which was a little sketchy but i love me some adventure!!  We met the new mission president on Friday and it was awesome for me because i got to talk to them in english(: especially his wife because she doesnt speak any spanish and i was one of two sisters who spoke english so i got to talk to them alot! They are awesome im super excited to get to know them more! Another cool thing was a lady showed up at church yesterday asking who could teach her more about the plan of salvation pamphlet, it was a reminder that people really are ready to here this gospel! But theres one thing i really wanted to share this week.

While knocking doors we met a young father who we taught a little bit to and when we asked him if he would pray to know if it was true he told us he didnt feel worthy to pray to God, let alone ask him for something. This broke my heart and i did my best to explain how much god loves us and always wants us to pray to him. i imagine that there are others who think this same way. that something theyve done or are doing makes them unworthy to pray. i know this befcause i have felt this way in my life before, that because of the way i was living or things i did heavenly father didnt want to hear my prayers or wouldnt listen. this is one of satans greatest tricks . to tell us that we cant or shouldnt pray and this is absolutely not true. our heavenly father will always love us no matter what mistakes we make. his love for us is perfect he already knows everything weve dont, he knows or thoughts, or intentions, our true desires, and he is always ready to forgive us if we ask him sincerely. ive learned this lesson many times in my life and i now know that the times that we feel we cant or dont want to pray are the times we need him most. we are litteraly his children and just like any parent wants to talk to their children he wants to communicate with us all the time. And who better to ask for help and advice then god, the creater of all things, the person who knows all things past, present and future and wants whats best for us. we can ask him for help in all things, both big and small and if we have faith we will recieve help. i know this is ture adn experience this help everyday here. my mission is the hardest thing i have ever done, mentally, physically and spiritually and i wouldnt be able to do it without his help. So for anyone who feels like they cant pray, dont let satan win, you can always pray to your heavenly father, no matter what youve done, there is ALWAYS a way back to him, back to the Gospel and back to true peace and happiness. im proof of this and know that this is ture. This Gospel is true, and if we live by its teachings and pray always we will be happy!(:

Mathew 6:32

3Nephi 14:9-11

Moroni 6:4-5

Alma 31:30-38

Enos 1:12,15

love and miss you all!!! i LOVE this opportunity and am thankfull for all your support!!!!! Have an amazing week!!



Hermana Weller(:


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