Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7/15/2013 Email (no pics)

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 10:56 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley
Subject: Familia!!!


First off it might take a while for me to respond, i lost my debit card and they also raised the price of sending letters to about 5 bucks. haha so have patience(: also it takes forever for me to get letters, i still havent gotten any, but i have hope! 

Well im starting to love the food here, especially the bread and cake. i had guinney pig this morning for breakfast..yuuuummmm (: haha it tastes like fish and chicken mixed, not my favorite but thats okay. later today were going to try to make cookies... that should be interesting. im excited about it! Also my companion told me this week that our area is the area that no one wants to go to because its so hot and has tons of hills. I think its a blessing that i started here, because i love this area and all the people! I started the tradition of falling asleep during nightly prayer this week... oops. haha but i guess that means im working hard! im going to start teaching english everyweek starting next week so thats exciting! were hoping it will bring in some new investigators! This week was tough. Most of our lessons or appointments fell through and we didnt have any investigators show up for sacrament. also i was a little frusterated with my spanish because ive been here for about a month and a half and still struggle with it. but because of that i learned that i need to focus more on having the spirit with me. Because truly its not me or my spanish that will help and convert people its the spirit. i also was reading in the book of mormon about alma and all the other missionaries and how much they went through to share the gospel. the problems and difficulties we have here are nothing compared to theirs and im learning that difficult times make us stronger. We are ready to work extra hard this week and to be as obedient as we can. i know that there are people here ready to accept this gospel, we just need to work hard to find them! I love it here. i know i say that a lot but its because its true! i cant imagine not being here or not doing this work. I love it i love it i love it!!! Thank you for all of your support and emails, and letters(even though i havent gotten them yet) (: keep up the work at home and remember how much i love you and appreciate your prayers!! 

3Nephi 13.32-31

matthew 11.28-30

1nephi 21.16



Hermana Weller!! (: 

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