Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/14 PIctures..lots and lots of pictures!

Llama and a hawk...I think haha 
Cool Canyon view! 
This is all the cool stuff they sell here! 
Chivay...comin at ya! 
Just a little companionship yoga 
Whole crew! 
More condors..look how close they get to the people! would love that (; 
Zone leaders came up as well! 
Our tour guide/the guy that we live with!
Zacharias is the man! 
Beatiful view! 
Random sister missionaires in the Catholic Church... 
Moto Taxi with some Elders form the office! 
New Alpaca Panchos! 
Eagle Power! 
Check us out! 
Colca Canyon! 
Whoops ran into a bull fight on the biggie. 
All of us and the beautiful canyon! 
Traditional dance in Yanque! 
My buddies from the office! 
Moquegua reunion....awkward.. 
Our Bathroom 
Our room!

The Elders from the office and the District of Chivayyyyy! 
Our room view!! 
Cute hats! 
cutest little girl we found..had to use a wipey to wipe
off all the sticky stuff on her face..

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