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4/21/14 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2014 5:59 PM
To: Melissa Wheatley; Ryan Wight; Molly Willson; Alexis Redd; Elissa Bledsoe; Bryan Southwick; Mike Conway; sunshine_247; Nicole Jones; Patricio Armijo; Brad Keyes; Spencer Wuthrich; Brooke Graves;
Subject: Chivay week 2...


Wow what a week.. First off happy Easter!!!! i hope it was the best of the best!! mine was interesting.. but ended great!!! First lets start with this week... it was a tough one.. but hey those are the ones that make you stronger right??? we worked our booties off trying to teach the members.. the less actives.. and the couple investigators that we have.. and to be honest we burnt ourselves out by sunday.. we didnt really see any results here like we wanted to and were just tired and my companion got super sick.. we were so discouraged and down but as always our Heavenly Father came through for us... we decided to read the scriptures and read exactly what we needed to hear.. Alma 31:31-32. and then right after that our district leader called and knew something was up so he shared some scriptures with us as well.. i had another cool experience that night because we asked the elders to give us blessings... i have never felt more strongly in a blessing that this is where i need to be and this is where the lord needs me to be... that my companion and i truly are needed here in chivay and that there are people waiting to hear the message we have. 

One thing we talked about this week is that we are the church leaders here in chivay.. we do everything that keeps the branch running and at times that feels like a lot of work.. i know that if we didnt have the help from the Lord we wouldnt be able to do it.. Also we dont really have anyone to lean on here.. no bishop.. no return missionaries.. no one to be there when we need a little uplifter or advice... we are the uplifters and advice for the members here..but thats going to really push us to strengthen our personal testimonies and to be strong. This is going to be the hardest months of my mission.. i can feel it.. but that only means i have to step up to the plate.. trust in the Lord and figure out his will for us and his children here in CHivay. I know that i can do hard things if i turn to my Heavenly Father so thats my plan right now!

 Well other than all of that we also had the elders from the office come up and spend the day with us saturday and also today we went and visited colca canyon.. it was awesome!!! so beautiful!!! It is amazing what the Lord has blessed us with here on the earth.. One talk i have been studying is "come what may and love it" i suggest it to anyone and everyone. I am so lucky to have the companion that i have. No matter what hardships or trials we have we always find a way to laugh and to find something possitive in the situation.. love her!

Well as you can tell we need all the prayers we can get for the work here in CHivay! I hope that everyone has an amazing week and dont forget that we are given trials so prove our faith and to prove our strength. We can get through anything that comes our way if we turn to the lord and put our trust in him. He is our strength. our light and our friend. I know that he exists.. that our Heavenly father hears our prayers and will help us and also push us when we need. He knows what we need and what we need to go through to reach our highest potential. Love you all!!!! 

Hermana Weller (: 

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